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Puglia, often referred to as the “new Tuscany,” possesses a unique charm that sets it apart from any other destination. Its whitewashed towns glisten atop hills like mirages, while quaint seaside villages showcase fishing boats resting beneath elegant palazzos crafted from creamy stone. In Puglia, you can seamlessly transition from strolling along the rugged Adriatic coastline to exploring a Roman harbour, where ancient cities unfold before your eyes.

Distinct from the Renaissance-focused regions of northern Italy, Puglia is a land adorned with prehistoric dolmens nestled amidst ancient olive groves. Its coastline is adorned with watchtowers that once defended against Saracen invasions, while ravines and caves have been transformed into residences and medieval churches. The cuisine of Puglia is a delightful departure from the ordinary, boasting a veg-centric cucina povera, or peasant food, cultivated in the fiery red soil. A Pugliese aperitivo platter promises a cornucopia of intricate vegetable delicacies, each more tempting than the last.

Puglia’s hotel offerings are as distinctive as the region itself. This is the realm of masserie, historic farms that have been transformed into luxurious country house hotels, extending a warm welcome to visitors. Particularly in the Fasano and Savelletri areas, you’ll find a charming collection of these accommodations nestled near the coastline.

Puglia’s hospitality scene exudes a sense of character and revitalization.

La Fiermontina, Lecce:

Elegant urban hotel with a pool and herb garden

La Fiermontina, established in 2015, is a sophisticated city hotel located within the historic walls of Lecce. This honey-stone baroque retreat offers 16 rooms, blending modern sculptures and a charming herb-filled garden. Guests can enjoy a delightful dining experience with fresh herbs from the garden, and a small but inviting pool surrounded by ancient olive trees. It’s an exceptional choice for a city getaway.

Torre del Parco, Lecce:

Medieval stronghold with frescoes and antiquities

Once a medieval fortress on the outskirts of Lecce, Torre del Parco has been transformed into a luxurious hotel that preserves its historical character. The original frescoes adorn the walls, and antique furnishings are tastefully scattered throughout the premises. The rooms strike a balance between the old and the new, featuring a combination of antique cupboards and tables with modern elements such as vibrant chandeliers, tiled floors, and brightly painted doors. During the summer, guests can enjoy breakfast in the charming courtyard. This castle warmly welcomes visitors like no other.

Palazzo Sant’Anna, Lecce:

Central urban retreat in vibrant palaces

In the heart of Lecce’s old city, Palazzo Sant’Anna offers a captivating stay across three interconnected buildings with a total of 20 rooms. Two baroque palaces and a 14th-century structure form this partially scattered hotel, providing stunning views of the city from its terraces. Guests can enjoy a restful sleep attributed to the ancient Indian practice of vastu shastra, believed to emit positive energy. The walls are filled with organic hemp and lime, creating a natural ambience. Perhaps it’s the combination of these factors or simply the enchantment of Lecce itself.

SoTrani Temporary House, Trani:

Charming two-room B&B in the historic centre

Located in the heart of Trani, a picturesque town just 30 minutes up the coast from Bari, SoTrani is a delightful two-room B&B nestled in the centre of Storico. Situated near Campo dei Longobardi and the Chiazz, a medieval open-air market with a 700-year history, this B&B feels like a true home away from home. Host Valeria Barile converted the first-floor apartment next to her own residence to create this cosy retreat. Each morning, guests can enjoy a homemade breakfast spread in the communal area, complete with a kitchenette, situated between the two rooms.

Palazzo Tafuri, Nardo:

Stylish city retreat with pool and spa

Located in the vibrant town of Nardo, approximately 20 miles southwest of Lecce, Palazzo Tafuri stands out as an exciting urban getaway. This newly opened establishment boasts 17 rooms and suites that seamlessly blend the past and the present, featuring 18th-century prints, mid-century furniture, and lofty high-arched ceilings made of local stone. Setting it apart from other city-centre properties, Palazzo Tafuri offers a pool that bridges the indoors and outdoors, along with a cosy spa where guests can indulge in massages, and facials, or unwind in the sauna, steam room, or hot tub. The restaurant aims to establish itself as a culinary destination, serving gourmet cuisine.

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