Travelling after COVID?Explore new ways to travel with a decentralised travel booking platform XcelTrip

XcelTrip|3 min read|Mar 18, 2022

As travel restrictions have eased in most parts of the world, people have resumed travelling, post-pandemic, but the way of travelling has drastically changed.

It’s a known fact that since the pandemic, the use of technology has increased. Technology has become an indispensable part of daily lives, and also of modern travel. Now, people prefer to travel using technology. The new normal travel is being able to plan, book and manage all travel essentials with the aid of technologies rather than being physically present everywhere to manage travel essentials.

COVID brought challenges to the travel industry and to people who wanted to travel. But on the brighter side, it has also given an opportunity to create easy, secure, and stress-free travel.

XcelTrip is a decentralised global travel platform, introduced to disrupt traditional travel systems. The blockchain-enabled XcelTrip is shaping the future of travel and bringing agility to the way of traveling. Read more

XcelTrip supports people to experience new ways to travel through blockchain technology. As, travellers approach their journey more consciously after a pandemic. XcelTrip perfectly fits the needs of people wanting to travel under safe and stress-free conditions.

Why choose XcelTrip for your travel?

Travel with Cryptocurrency

The decentralised XcelTrip accepts crypto payments. Users can use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash,USDT, XcelDefi, and other major cryptocurrencies to book 2.3 million hotels and 450+ flights around the world. Travelling with cryptocurrency solves the problem of overseas payments. People can make instant, secure, and swift payments with cryptocurrencies from any corner of the globe with just their mobile devices.

Book a trip with XcelTrip and pay with cryptocurrency via XcelPay- A secure crypto wallet.

Replace Intermediaries

The travel intermediaries involved in the travel business make your travel 20–25% expensive through the commission they take. Why waste your money on intermediaries when you can save it for your next trip, right?

XcelTrip is disintermediating the travel sector and making travel cost-effective. So, book your travel with XcelTrip at a reasonable rate!

Seamless travel and secure data

Carrying documents with you when you are travelling is risky. XcelTrip is based on blockchain technology, The travel documents and biometrics can be easily stored and accessed by the needed parties over the network with the help of smart contracts. So, you no longer have to worry about losing your documents during travel.

Also, the check-in times and queues in airports and hotels are drastically reduced with the help of data that passes over the network between different parties.

Cheap and Safe Travel

XcelTrip ensures cheap and safe travel not only by substituting intermediaries but also by solving the problem of overcharging and fraud.

XcelTrip uses technology to get real-time data so people can know about the availability of the rooms and flight seats themselves with the price that is charged equally for all.

The contactless check-in at hotels and airports that you can experience by booking your trip with XcelTrip helps you to fulfil your need for safe travel.

These are some benefits of travelling with XcelTrip. Get more benefits by booking a trip on a decentralised travel platform XcelTrip and enjoy easy secure, risk-free, hassle-less travel. Download the XcelTrip app and get access to 2.3 million hotels and 450+ flights.

Plan the perfect travel getaway, book a safe and secure trip with XcelTrip!



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