Traveling with Bitcoin to Majewski Hotel and SPA in Malbork

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The Polish town of Malbork was founded in the 13th century by the Knights of the Teutonic Order, and it served as the headquarters for what was once the region of Royal Prussia. Today’s Malbork has a population of 40,000, and it is a local administrative center, a key local transport connection and a popular tourist destination. Most tourists, however, are here for one thing, and one thing alone: ​​to tour the medieval Malbork Castle! Malbork Castle is the largest brick castle in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Malbork is visited especially for its tremendous castle that once consisted of three parts: the outer one, which is ruined and not open for visits, the Middle Castle and the Upper Castle. The sightseeing starts from the Middle Castle, the later and larger segment with three wings around the yard. There is also a Palace of the Grand Masters, a magnificent monument of Gothic architecture decorated with slim columns.


Traveling with Bitcoin to Majewski Hotel & SPA in Malbork

City Malbork

Malbork is located near the border with the Kaliningrad region, 70 km from Gdansk and 130 km from Torun. The German name for the city is Marienburg. Malbork is primarily known for its castle Marienburg - the largest castle in Poland, built by the Teutonic Order. Malbork - despite its small size and provincial character, attracts a large number of tourists due to its history and the atmosphere of chivalry.


Attractions Malbork

The main attraction of Malbork is the castle of Marienburg. This is a huge brick Gothic castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest in Poland and one of the largest Gothic fortresses in the world. According to scientists, its construction took 30-50 million bricks, the wall thickness in some places is 2 meters, and its history spans 7 centuries!

Built on the banks of the Vistula by the Crusaders, the castle still makes a strong impression with its size, and the atmosphere of chivalry attracts many tourists here. And although it is hard to imagine, before the castle was even more huge. The modern castle is an interesting museum dedicated to the life and the life of the crusaders and the history of Marienburg. Here you can look at household items of the crusaders, armor and weapons. Imagine how the Teutonic Knights lived. It is interesting that Marienburg actually consists of three castles, united by a single fortress wall. 


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