Traveling with Bitcoin to Crete is very easy if you book your trip at XcelTrip

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Crete is the largest island of Greece with a variety of terrain: the coast is covered with numerous beaches with fine sand, such as Elafonisi, and in the inner regions rise mountain ranges, including Lefka Ori, ("White Mountains"). Next to the highest mountain of this ridge, Ida, is the entrance to the Idea cave, in which Zeus was born according to Greek mythology. In the capital of Crete, Heraklion, you should visit the famous Archaeological Museum with a collection of Minoan art and Knossos - a city founded in the Bronze Age.

Traveling with Bitcoin to Crete is very easy if you book your trip at XcelTrip

Thanks to the wide variety of local infrastructure, everyone can find entertainment. No matter what your wealth is, there is a place in Crete both in a luxury hotel and in a campsite.

Note that Crete does not have its own volcano. However, in close proximity is Santorini (about 130 km), the eruption of which once led to the formation of a tsunami that hit the island. This event is one of the most tragic in the history of Crete.

However, life in Crete today is surprisingly leisurely. Already on the first day of your holiday on this island, you will be amazed by the atmosphere of harmony and tranquility prevailing here. To feel as comfortable as possible, it is worth knowing in advance the traditions and habits of the locals. There is not enough time to list all the attractions of the island of Crete. In the list of the most popular places it is worth highlighting the following:

The Heraklion

Archaeological Museum contains invaluable archeological finds. For example, here you can enjoy a collection of artifacts from the Minoan civilization. If you are a real fan of archaeological excavations, it is worth visiting the area of ​​Gortyn. There is an open-air museum, where the ruins of ancient buildings (presumably the 9th century BC) are represented. The magnificent Palaces of Crete - another advantage of this island. The most famous is the Palace of Agia Triad, near Festas. From here there is an amazing view of the city’s surroundings.

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