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Interesting Facts about Nymphenburg Palace

Here we have compiled a list of the 5 most interesting facts about Nymphenburg Palace:

1. One of the most famous features of Nymphenburg Palace is the “Gallery of Beauties” which was painted for King Ludwig I by Joseph Stieler.

2. Agostino Barelli was commissioned to build the palace as a summer residence for Elector Ferinand Maria and his consort Henriette Adelaide of Savoy after the birth of his son and heir. The palace today is much different than it was when first constructed as five Wittlesback rulers have changed and added to the palace.

3. Visitors may view some rooms that are decorated in the original Baroque style while others have a more modern design.

4. Many carriages that are on display in the carriage museum were used in royal coronations.

5. Much of the design and architecture of Nymphenburg Palace are inspired by French and Italian architecture. While one of the most popular attractions, the palace is still home to the duke of Bavaria.

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