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The Kyushu region is the third largest island in Japan and literally translates to “Nine Provinces”. Located in the southwest of the main island Honshu, it is an early centre of Japanese civilisation and is filled to the brim with historic treasures, modern cities and natural beauty. Blessed with a tropical climate, the islands are covered with tall palm trees and is filled with hibiscuses. Best time to visit the island would be in spring and autumn. Travel to Kyushu by booking your tickets with XcelTrip and save on your adventures.

Home to the prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kuma Mato, Oita, Miyazaki and Kagoshima, it offers a diverse range of areas to visit. There’s something for everyone in the region, it satisfies all your food, nature, art, historical and cultural fantasies.

For all those history enthusiasts, don’t miss the chance to take a tour of the abandoned city of Gunkanjima. Located a few kilometres off the Nagasaki coast, the island was the accommodation site for the coal mine workers.

The sand bath in Beppu City is the definition of relaxation. The naturally heated sand holds many health benefits owing to the large geothermal energy of the area. This geothermal haven is also blessed with several hot springs and bath houses. Oh, and while you’re there, stay clear of the Jigoku or the hell pools. These hot springs have water at 100˚C and are forbidden to bathe in.

The city of Nagasaki’s Glover garden is a must visit. The atomic bomb museum remembers the terrible and devastating fate of the city. The city may have been one of the first to open to foreigners and may have moved past its dark days, but forgetting it isn’t a choice.

If you get a chance, spend a night on the island of Yakushima, the natural beauty of the island will blow you away. It’s the perfect camping spot and staying in a tent will give you the best experience of the island.

Not only is the Kyushu region great for tourism, it is also home to the Kyushu university.  The university is one of the most prestigious research-oriented universities in japan, drawing several aspiring students.

Japan is a diverse country, with even more diverse regions, cultures and histories. Travel to Kyushu to make memories that last a lifetime. Book your tickets now with XcelTrip and save on your adventures.


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