Travel to Indonesia and visit these 4 beautiful temples.

XcelTrip|4 min read|May 2, 2019

Located almost at the equator, Indonesia cleverly hides some of the most beautiful ancient structures of the world. The Hindu and Buddhist temples of Indonesia are crafted to perfection with stones making them bare witness to the tests of time. Travel to Indonesia with XcelTrip and marvel at these temples:

Pura Besakih

Bali is one of the many islands that make up Indonesia.  The island is still consisting of majority of Hindu population. Pura Besakih is the most important Hindu temple. The temple sits a top of a massive slope. There are 23 related temples but make sure to visit Pura Besakih Agung.

Candi Plaosan

This temple is located in the Java island of Indonesia, despite its Buddhist-Hindu dedication the Muslim population of the island take great pride in the temple. When you enter the are that the temple is located in, you will see a massive collection of temples past the guardians of these temples, each wielding a snake, club or swords to fend off evildoers.

Sewu Temple

Also situated in Java, this Buddhist temple is a sight to be witnessed in person. The main temple is surrounded by four rings of 250 small temples dedicated to different gods. The grand entrance to the main temple faces east containing inscriptions dating back to 792 AD.

Goa Gajah

Situated just south of Ubud, Bali, you’ll enter the sacred are through the opening of a cave that has characters carved on it, making it a sight to behold. The carvings on the interiors of the cave are mentoned in a Balinese poem that’s dated as far back as 1365. The surrounding structures in the sacred sanctum were added to the ancient site later.

To visit these beautiful ancient master pieces, Travel to Indonesia with XcelTrip and make memories so picturesque that they last many lifetimes.


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