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Beaches around the world are attractive landing places for most tourists.

Swimming, surfing, sea diving to see the oceanic ecosystem.. sunbathing by the seashore… people can fulfill the jolliest moments of their lives by the beach.

Beaches around the world are on the bucket list of many people. Not just for travel, but also to organize precious life moments such as weddings — people prefer beaches.

Maybe, because beaches are so stunning to the eyes and equally soothing to the ears; with the sound of waves and sight of sunset and sunrise at the horizon… Beaches awaken a sense of calm in people and give perspective on life by providing a safe place to feel all kinds of emotions..

Tourists around the world, travel from far-away places to get the beach-experience..

With so many Beaches around the world where to find the best ones?

Saud Beach Philippines:

If you want to avoid huge crowds and experience the breathtaking view, Saud beach is ideal for you. The destination is not highly commercialized, yet.

Things that you can do at Saud beach:

  • Playing volleyball on the shore will add fun to your trip.
  • You would not want to miss the breathtaking view of sunset and sunrise.
  • Surfing is an ideal adventure sport that you can take up here.
  • You can also experience scuba diving.
  • Other activities that you cannot miss include : traveling back in time -discover Vigan’s old street, go for another round of swim and beach bum in Blue Lagoon

Clearwater Beach Florida

As in the name, the Clearwater beach in Florida is glamorous for its Clearwater, which invites tourists to swim in. Clearwater Beach contains a resort region and a residential area on the Gulf of Mexico in Pinellas County on the west-central coast of Florida.

The major attraction of Clearwater beach includes free and family-friendly waterfront activities.

Things you can do at Clear beach- Florida:

  • Cool water around the sea to swim
  • Scuba diving to explore exotic aquatic life
  • Surfing for adventure
  • Shopping areas add extra glamour to your trip

No matter what you do during the daytime, head straight to Pier 60 for the nightly sunset celebration. It’s a free show that you would not want to miss!

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If you are a beach lover, take the most exciting plunge with XcelTrip!


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