Things to Avoid Doing Post-Lockdown

Xceltrip|3 min read|Apr 22, 2020

Its been a few weeks since the governments around the world enforced stay at home orders, this is forced millions of people around the world to work from home and students are now taking classes online. This confinement has people looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, where they can get back to their normal lives.

Some of are dreaming of a vacation or catch up session with friends or even meeting our loved ones. Put those thoughts on hold for a second, and take a moment to realise that the word is still under threat from the deadly virus, as we are yet sure of how the virus may behave in the long term. Here are all the things that you are advised to avoid Post-Lockdown

Keep track of the pandemic

Various governments are sure that they will be able to contain the virus and get b ack to work as usual with phased roll out of economic activities while keeping a close eye on the growth or the decrease of COVID cases.

Most of us are still unsure as to when our lives may get back to normal but make sure that when you do begin to go to work but your lifestyle may not return to normal all at once.

Avoid throwing parties or hitting the bar

Social distancing measures are here to make sure that the virus doesn’t spread from person to person who come into close contact. Hosting a party with your friends is clearly out of question, even if the virus is contained with the lockdown but there is a chance of the virus spreading again. With this information in mind, it’s in your best interest to stay away from bars and clubs.

Keep up with your hygiene routine

Don’t stop washing your hands, keep that habit up until we fully understand the behaviour of the virus and even after the vaccine finally arrives. Remember that the goal of stay at home orders and thorough handwashing is to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed with patients in critical condition and minimize your risk for acquiring life-threatening symptoms.

Hopefully, the good hand-washing habits you’ve acquired during this time will stick around, including longer, more thorough washing, and more frequently after coming into contact with people and common surfaces.

Don’t visit high risk patients as soon as the lockdown ends

If you have immunocompromised friends or family members then refrain from meeting them as soon as the lockdown ends. In case that you have come in contact with anyone that is asymptomatic you may carry the virus to those that are at high risk of getting the disease.

For those of us who are in the high risk group, it is advised that you keep a healthy distance between you and everyone else so that you can keep yourself safe.

Avoid immediate international vacations

We’ve all by now made a list of, not only, places to visit around the city but also around the world. Hold that thought, even though the fares may seem eye catching when nonessential travels are acceptable again. The international movement of people contributed to the coronavirus reaching pandemic proportions so quickly, through person-to-person transmission like coughing and sneezing. If a recurrence were to happen, the last thing you want is the stress of finding yourself quarantined in an unfamiliar country, without a clear or quick way home.

XcelTrip cares for your safety, so we urge you to stay at home and follow the above advise to shield yourself form the virus.


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