The Top 7 Destinations for a Romantic Escape in New England

XcelTrip|4 min read|Aug 24, 2023

Experience the affectionate ambience of these enchanting New England destinations.

Commencing a journey into love is an occasion worth commemorating. This is precisely why you and your beloved should contemplate a romantic excursion in the New England region. Whether this marks the initiation of your voyages together as a newly entwined couple or it is your centenary escape as a wedded duo, embarking on a vacation is the perfect approach to pay homage to your deep affection for each other.

Why New England? with its picturesque landscapes, charming coastal towns, and rich history, provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, planning a honeymoon, or simply seeking some quality time with your loved one, these top seven destinations in New England promise a romantic escape you won’t soon forget.

1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts:

Cape Cod’s charm lies in its serene beaches, iconic lighthouses, and picturesque villages. It’s an ideal place for couples seeking tranquillity and natural beauty. The Cape Cod National Seashore offers breathtaking sunsets, and Provincetown provides a delightful seafood dining experience by the sea.

2. Newport, Rhode Island:

Newport exudes opulence with its historic mansions and stunning waterfront views. Couples can step back in time by touring these grand estates, taking a romantic sail around the harbor, and indulging in delicious seafood at the city’s waterfront restaurants.

3. Stowe, Vermont:

Stowe is a dreamy destination set against the backdrop of Vermont’s breathtaking mountain scenery. It’s perfect for couples looking for outdoor adventures such as hiking and skiing during the day, followed by evenings of relaxation in cosy bed-and-breakfast accommodations.

4. Bar Harbor, Maine:

Nestled near the majestic Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is a paradise for nature lovers. Couples can explore the park’s rugged coastline, embark on hikes to Cadillac Mountain for panoramic views, and share intimate moments over lobster dinners while watching the sun dip below the horizon.

5. Nantucket, Massachusetts:

Nantucket’s timeless appeal lies in its cobblestone streets, charming historic cottages, and pristine beaches. Couples can rent bicycles to explore the island’s beauty, visit the enchanting Siasconset Village, and relish fresh clam chowder for an authentic taste of New England.

6. Woodstock, Vermont:

Woodstock encapsulates the quintessential New England village experience with its postcard-perfect charm. Couples can enjoy leisurely strolls through streets adorned with antique shops, savor intimate dinners in cozy restaurants, and unwind at the inviting Woodstock Inn & Resort.

7. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts:

Martha’s Vineyard is an island paradise offering a mix of stunning beaches, vibrant artistic communities, and outdoor adventures. Couples can rent bikes to explore the island’s beauty, marvel at the colourful Gingerbread Cottages in Oak Bluffs, and immerse themselves in the island’s natural wonders.

No matter which of these romantic destinations in New England you choose, you’ll find an abundance of love in the air, along with opportunities to create lasting memories with your partner.

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