The Lithuanian marathon uses cryptocurrencies to reward its runners.

Xcelpay|5 min read|Dec 17, 2019

More than 15,000 runners ran through the streets of the capital of Lithuania. Four thousand of these runners used the Lympo Run blockchain application to track their race, and earned on this cryptocurrency.

The creators of the Lympo Run fitness app has partnered with the organizers of the marathon in Vilnius, sponsoring a sporting event and offering runners an app to earn cryptocurrencies.

The founder and head of the company, Ada Jonushe, wrote about this startup on his Medium blog:

“It is very inspiring when you see that people like the application and they receive rewards for achieving goals. We still have many tasks ahead, but it was really a great start and a major milestone in the history of Lympo.”

Lympo has set itself the goal of creating a three-component ecosystem: users will be able to track their workouts, receive currency — LYM tokens as a reward for achieving sports goals;

Tokens can be spent on the purchase of goods and services on the Lympo trading platform;

The collected performance data is used to improve related services.

Similar business models exist in the world that seek to combine fitness tracking and crypto world. These are SweatCoin, Fitcoin and FitBlox. Lympo will face a tough battle for consumers, the most influential athlete according to Forbes, tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, has become the “international ambassador” of Lympo blockchain startup

LH-CRYPTO launches a crypto broker and runs a marathon!

In the near future, LH-CRYPTO, which successfully completed the ICO in January 2018 and raised more than $ 10 million dollars, is launching a crypto broker platform. The launch of the platform is waiting not only for project investors, but also for private traders who understand that brokers offer a wider and more convenient set of trading tools than cryptocurrency exchanges. In its social networks, the project retains the intrigue before launch, promising investors something very interesting!

One of the main advantages of a crypto broker is that it allows traders to earn on changing the rate of cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t matter whether the price of a coin is rubbed or falls, the main thing is that it is in motion! An asset rises in price — a trader takes long positions, becomes cheaper — shorts.

In addition, the broker allows the trader to make operations on the exchange at the expense of credit funds provided to the trader by the broker under the guarantee of a certain deposit.

But even such a convenient exchange trading tool can be useless if you do not follow simple but very important rules. Moreover, a good trader never works with just one asset.

Cryptocurrencies are sinking — we are switching to fiat, fiat in the sideways — we are going to the stock market. But the most important thing is the understanding that the success of a trader depends not only on what he does, but where. People who know how to count money will never get in touch with sites that hang in the most interesting place or from which someone can steal something.

But it’s one thing when a broker replenishes its arsenal with crypto tools so as not to fall out a trend, and quite another, when the broker initially specialized in crypto trading, opening for the crypto trader all currently known as from one crypto account. Agree, this is a fundamentally different approach. The first such broker will be LH-CRYPTO, and before launching the broker, the company, together with the TRADEGURU project, is conducting a training marathon!

The marathon is free for everyone. This event will bring many benefits to beginners and provide some valuable knowledge about new tools to already experienced professionals, because this is not just an opportunity to try the broker’s functionality — during the marathon, all its participants will be able to get advice from leading traders, and in the final, the gurus will help participants to sort out the most popular mistakes.

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