The largest bank in Norway began to offer convenient operations with bitcoins.

Xcelpay|3 min read|Nov 23, 2019

The biggest Norwegian bank (DNB) have an app called Vipps, which allows transferring money to anyone in Norway, just knowing their phone number. Recently they added support to pay businesses.

If you know anything about banks in Norway, you are probably aware that DNB ASA is one of the main players in this field. DNB Bank recently released an application that allows users to buy and sell bitcoins with a few clicks of a button, removing procedures such as downloading and verifying documents that are usually associated with buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

The app is called Vipps, and basically it works like PayPal. All you need is a username, mobile phone number or email address of yours or the person to whom you want to buy digital currency, and of course, the Vipps application itself. Bitcoins Norway, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the country, recently started using the Vipps app so that users can buy and sell bitcoins in the same way using bank cards.

The process is simple and convenient - you need to send Norwegian kroner (the amount you want) to the Bitcoins Norway exchange via the Vipps application. Bitcoins Norway will process this payment and then forward the appropriate amount of bitcoins to the person you want to pay.

In many countries of the world, you can legally buy bitcoins in the OTC market. Countries such as the Philippines and Mexico, in which a large number of people work abroad and send money to their families, earned money, and many of these money transfers are made in bitcoins.

Nevertheless, Bitcoins Norway simplifies the process, and now for operations with digital currency you do not need to visit a bank branch or do something similar. All purchases and sales are made through the Vipps application, which is efficient and easy.

The popularity of the Vipps application is huge and continues to grow.

Already, 27% of Norwegians use the Vipps application, while a total of 85% of residents are aware of the existence of the application. This is one of the most popular apps in the country. Many of those who use it are not clients of DNB Bank, which means that the popularity of the application has gone beyond this circle and the program is now used to make bank transfers in the region.

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