Take A Romantic Vacation To New York City

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If you are looking for a perfect spot to kiss or a perfect date destination to propose or to enjoy your honeymoon, take a romantic vacation New York City and visit the below 6 locations with your partner to keep the love and romance alive.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

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Well, if you are planning a trip here around Valentine’s Day, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens might get a bit too chilly outside but on April this is heaven with cherry blossoms in full bloom, you won’t find anything more romantic than in here.

Brooklyn Promenade

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Someone said if you want to grasp the expansive beauty of New York City, you have to look at it from a distance. It’s around the Brooklyn Promenade where you get a spectacular view of lower Manhattan! Here you will get all the delicious nearby options and you get to visit the famed River Café then there is the Grimaldis’ and the Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop.

Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Centre

Source: https://www.rockefellercenter.com/

How about romancing in ice, skate your way to love and try the Ice-skating rink at the Rockefeller Centre. Here in the Centre there is a famous statue in black of Prometheus. During the holiday season, it’s a bit crowded but if you want a quiet time it is recommended to skip the holiday season. Spend a couple of hours skating on the ice and you will get a sense of what it’s like to have a true romantic afternoon in the Rock Centre Ice Rink.

New York City’s Waterways and Statue of liberty

Manhattan and romance are almost synonymous in New York and the New Yorkers just can’t get enough of the Manhattan waterfront adventures. Be it those amazing scenic cruises or just an adventure of kayaking, you get everything you want in the waterfront of Manhattan. What gained more popularity as a ‘cheap date’ is the customary trip taking the Staten Island Ferry from Battery Park City. The Ferry is free and here you get to see the insanely famous American iconography, the very Statue of Liberty.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/

This one is dedicated to serious romancing couples; here in the Metropolitan Museum of Art you will find ample artefacts from Ancient Rome and even more from the modern and contemporary era that has contributed to the museum’s collection. Well it’s not only the arts, there are other respites too, detour to the Balcony bar that overlooks the Great Hall. If you are planning a visit between May and late Fall you can also hit the rooftop bar and enjoy a couple of drinks together.

Empire State Building

Source: https://www.history.com/

Looking for some romantic places in New York city at night without scanning out the empire state building, yes, it is impossible if you haven’t seen the sight from the top of the city with your sweetheart, New York might not have exposed all its romantic charms to you! This view from the top is a winner and nothing beats the sight from atop the Empire State Building on a clear day while at night one can gaze at the city getting alive below.

Central Park

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If you are talking about romance you have to talk about central park where one can enjoy a boat ride with their partner. Take your boat under the Bow Bridge and reach the Belvedere Castle, it’s almost as if you are in a fantasy of your own! Apart from this one can also find the Conservatory Garden at the Central Park where one can spend some relaxing time.


Source: https://www.amny.com/

Pretend as if you are someone like Miss Holly Golightly, get munching on a pastry or something and enjoy the absolute charm of window shopping outside the famous Tiffany’s. And if you get too daring into romancing you can head inside and check out the gifts.

Use XcelTrip to take a romantic vacation to New York City and visit the below 6 locations with your partner to keep the romance alive to make memories that last a lifetime.


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