Take a Bike Tour around Malmö

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Cycling around Malmö gives you a whole new perspective and is one of the best, and most fun, ways to see the city! So take a 3 hour ride along some of the best spots to visit in the city and feel the culture of Sweden in the wind while you cycle past cafes, restaurants and more on you way from one spot to another.

Take a Bike Tour around Malmö

Starting Point- Carlsgatan 4, 211 20 Malmö.

First Stop-

St. Petri (St. Peter's Church)

St Peter’s Church is the oldest building in Malmö, built in the early 14th century. The red-brick church was built in the Gothic design and has a 105 meter high tower. The medieval frescoes on the church were destroyed during the religious wars in the 16th century. See the impressive wooden altarpiece from 1611 and restored medieval wall paintings in the Merchant’s Chapel. A votive ship in a south aisle is a memorial, dedicated to fallen soldiers at sea during the Second World War.

Address- Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Göran Olsgatan 4, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 27 90 43

Second Stop-


Sweden’s oldest renaissance castle, Malmöhus Castle, is one of the city’s most famous attractions. Originally built as a minor citadel in 1436, it was destroyed in the Skåne uprising a century later. The castle was rebuilt in the design we see today after the rebellion finished. The castle’s lively history is tied to wars between Danes and Swedes, and it was destroyed and rebuilt several times. After a fire in 1870, only the main building and two gun towers remained, and were restored in 1930. Nowadays, the castle hosts the Museum of Art, Natural History Museum and the famous Tropicarium aquarium.

Address- Malmöhus Castle, Malmöhusvägen 6, Malmö, Sweden

Third Stop-


Located in the green area around the Malmöhus Castle, the Kungsparken is an area where you can stroll around the various paths. Pay attention to the statues and sculptures located in the park and explore different gardens, which are especially luscious during the summer. The park also has two lakes and an organic community garden. Stop for fika – a Swedish term for a coffee or tea break with pastries – with a friend at the little café in the middle of the park.

Address- Kungsparken, Gamla staden, Malmö, Sweden

Fourth Stop-

Back to Malmohus

Fifth Stop-

Mitt Mollan

Mitt Möllan is a transforming place. It was once a small shopping mall called Galleria Leonard, a dated and dark shopping mall from the 1960’s with few tenants. Now transformed into a bustling hub and meeting place for the city’s creatives. Mitt Möllan is inspired by the real people and culture of Malmö, which is curious, vibrant and diverse.

The building is packed with a unique combination of adventurous young tenants and established businesses rooted in old world craftsmanship, all working together to make Mitt Möllan a house of local handcrafted food, art, culture, design and fashion. Young entrepreneurs and seasoned venterans originating from many parts of the world, always representing Möllevången and Malmö.

Address- Claesgatan 8, 214 26 Malmö, Sweden

Sixth Stop-

Nova Fairy Tales Malmo

Nova Fairy Tales Malmö offer guided tours and private sightseeing experiences in Malmö. Our tours run throughout the year and include bike tours and walking tours. We provide private tours and custom sightseeing events for business, cruise, luxury travel and more. Our specialties are guided tours in small groups

Address- Carlsgatan 4, 211 20 Malmö, Sweden

After you finish the tour of Nova Fairy Tales Malmo You’ll reach your starting point and that will end your cycle tour.

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