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XcelTrip|2 min read|Oct 27, 2021

Decentralization, blockchain technology, and smart contracts have all recently captured the interest of individuals all around the world. We are seeing the rise of cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain technology in a variety of industries. People are realizing that they can do things differently and save a lot of money.

There are various levels of expenses in the travel industry that pass via several intermediaries. Since travel and decentralization have the potential to be a wonderful combination, blockchain technology may help cut out intermediaries, resulting in lower travel costs.

The technology can provide safety and transparency to several important connections. When a travel agent schedules a client’s flights and lodgings, they must transmit the information to the different firms. Because it distributes responsibility for the entire network, blockchain has the potential to make this behavior more secure and transparent. The same thing will happen in international transactions, resulting in building trust among all parties involved.

Where can you find a decentralized travel platform for your next adventure travel?

XcelTrip is a blockchain-based travel OTA platform aimed to disrupting the trillion-dollar travel industry. The most incredible aspect about XcelTrip is that they accept cryptocurrency payments. Since it is built on a decentralized ecosystem and blockchain technology where crypto use-cases are democratized, no middlemen are involved, keeping your travel costs to a minimum. With these, travelers can directly connect to service providers.

Furthermore, transactions from XcelTrip are comparatively faster, as there is no engagement of intermediaries, resulting in no delay in payment. Also, the payment methods are safe, transparent, and immutable, where payment may simply be done through crypto wallets securely. It also settles Fiat payment if consumers prefer so.

Currency conversion concerns are one of the most inconvenient factors for many travelers and service providers; however, such issues can be resolved with the XcelTrip platform. As a result, service providers can list their property on it without difficulty, and travelers can travel with no hassle.

Book your next travel with XcelTrip, making your travel more fun, adventurous, and cheaper, with no worries, hassle, and difficulties.


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