Norilsk Nickel will issue tokens secured by precious metals.

Xcelpay|3 min read|Apr 7, 2020

The company began testing the blockchain platform, the first to appear on it are “digital” palladium, cobalt and copper.

The Norilsk Nickel company will be the first to issue metal-backed digital tokens on the Atomyze platform, the press release said. The test launch of the site took place in the city of Zug, Switzerland, the center for innovation in the field of blockchain.

Atomyze by Tokentrust AG is a Swiss-based blockchain platform aimed at digitizing and tokenizing the multifaceted commodities industry. Utilizing distributed ledger technology of Hyperledger Fabric, Atomyze will facilitate simple, fast and transparent online trading for professional and institutional participants. Tokentrust AG is in the application process to become a member of a self-regulatory organization (“SRO”) for anti-money laundering purposes and is separately seeking a license as a securities firm (including the operation of an Organized Trading Platform) under Swiss law.

Access to Atomyze will be provided to Norilsk Nickel partners, including the commodity trading company Trafigura, the metal processing company Umicore and the supply chain consultant Traxys. To switch to a fully functional site mode, you need to obtain all the necessary licenses.

At the first stage, tokens provided by palladium, cobalt and copper will be tested, other “digital” metals are planned to be added in the future. The total amount of digital assets issued during the first year will be up to 10% of the sales amount of Norilsk Nickel.

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