New Tokens Getting Listed on XcelTrip, Have You Listed Yours?

XcelTrip|2 min read|Apr 29, 2022

XcelTrip is a next-generation, decentralised travel and booking platform. The blockchain powered XcelTrip is disintermediating travel and empowering travellers and service providers. Hence, maximising benefits to the overall crypto community.

XcelTrip focuses on what Travelers want. Booking trips from XcelTrip lets you have the power to choose from 2.3+ million hotels, 450+ airlines, and car rental services in more than 70 countries. XcelTrip has built platforms to leverage crypto adoption and crypto uses-cases.

The blockchain powered travel and booking platform envisions to eliminate the need for intermediaries in travel planning and booking. The disintermediation brought by XcelTrip has double benefits, where travelers will have full control over their bookings, and service providers will have direct access to their customers.

Moreover, XcelTrip has a mission to disintermediate and democratise travel by giving power of connectivity and accessibility directly to the crypto community. Cryptocurrency holders have the means and the avenue to make payments using crypto listed on XcelTrip.

Additionally, cryptocurrency projects listed on XcelTrip gain the ability to tap into the growing crypto community and leverage XcelTrip’s platform to increase real-time token use cases.

Benefits of Listing Your Token on XcelTrip

  • Accelerates real-life use cases of your token like booking hotels and flights worldwide and booking cars in 72 countries.
  • Promotion of the token to the larger crypto audience. XcelLab Ecosystem has a thriving 10 million members and 650,000+ registered users who will learn about your token.
  • Leverage the overall appeal and reliability of your token through the XcelTrip platform.
  • Gain trust and recognition of service providers as well as huge users by connecting with 150,000+ IMPs in our network.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, XLD, XDC, Verge, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether are some of the listed tokens on XcelTrip. Shiba Inu, Ape Coin, and Polygon (Matic) are some tokens that are in the due process of getting listed on the secure IATA-certified travel platform XcelTrip.

XcelTrip is further planning to list more tokens and other major cryptocurrencies so that users can choose their preferred tokens from different ranges, to book hotels, flights, and cars.

Have you listed your token on the decentralised travel platform XcelTrip? If not, build the value of your token by listing it on XcelTrip and see your token adopted by the mass crypto community.

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