National Parks In The USA You Can Explore From Your Couch

Xceltrip|3 min read|Mar 22, 2020

As many people practice social distancing — or staying home and avoiding crowds and public spaces — to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, several museums, and theaters have temporarily closed in the name of public health.

But amid the coronavirus pandemic, many places of leisure and cultural institutions are opening their doors virtually to provide resources, online activities, and tours to give people a fun way to stay entertained and connected to the outside world while they’re spending more time at home.

While the National Parks Service hasn’t closed any of its parks to the public due to the coronavirus at the time of writing, making a special visit to a national park may not be in the cards for many Americans and travelers around the world for the time being. Here’s how to virtually visit at least 8 US national parks — all from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Arches National Park.

It’s no surprise that Arches National Park is one of the top national parks in America: it’s a 73,234-acre wonderland of eroded sandstone fins, towers, ribs, gargoyles, hoodoos, balanced rocks, and, of course, arches northwest of Moab. The park protects an amazing landscape that includes the largest proliferation of arches in the world. Over 2,000 arches have been cataloged in Arches National Park. At sunrise, rays of light break over dramatic horizons. Click here to virtually visit Arches National Park.

Badlands National Park

This striking South Dakota landscape boasts a maze of buttes, canyons, pinnacles and spires. Skeletons of three-toed horses and saber-toothed cats are among the many fossilized species found here. Wildlife abounds in the park’s 244,000 acres and can often be seen while hiking, camping and traveling the Badlands Loop Scenic Byway. Click here to virtually visit Badlands National Park.

Big Bend National Park.

On the border with Mexico, separated by a huge bend in the Rio Grande river, Big Bend National Park is one of Texas’ most impressive natural wonders. Mountains, desert, and the river combine to make this area an outstanding outdoor playground for hikers, campers, canoers, birders, and nature lovers in general. Even if you are just up for a drive through the park, you’ll find interesting sites and scenery along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, and a quick stop at the Fossil Discovery Exhibit or a soak in the hot springs will make for an outstanding day. Click here to virtually visit Big Bend National Park.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The curve of the Cuyahoga makes its mark in the woods of Ohio. Step through the trees, away from the city, and immerse yourself in the history of this vast and boundless country USA. Cuyahoga Valley, a national park in Ohio, is very close to Cleveland and Akron and provides recreational opportunities along the Cuyahoga River. Click here to virtually visit Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Denali National Park.

Larger than the state of New Jersey, Denali National Park and Preserve is a vast wilderness that is mostly untouched by human hands, save for the one park road and a few scattered services. It is known for legendary wildlife and big adventures, from backcountry camping to mountaineering. Even for those who stick to a bus tour of the park road, and its scenic overlooks, wild adventures often await to surprise and delight. Click here to virtually visit Denali National Park.

Everglades National Park

To visit the Everglades is to step into a haven amongst the mangroves, to immerse yourself in the sense of wonder that surrounds you, and to sink deep into the slow, languid pace of life in a swamp. And thanks to National Park Foundation supporters like you, acres upon acres of this mysterious swampland are protected for generations to come. Click here to virtually visit Everglades National Park.

Glacier National Park

“Crown of the Continent” is an apt nickname for this pair of parks, which feature some of the most impressive mountain scenery in North America. Joined together since 1932 as the world’s first international peace park, Glacier National Park in Montana and Watertown Lakes National Park in Alberta offer a contiguous high-country wonderland of rock, ice, water, and wood. Click here to virtually visit Glacier National Park.

Grand Canyon National Park

Imagine the Grand Canyon with no people. Just the psychedelic-colored canyon walls, the wind, and the river silent and milk chocolaty at the bottom of the gorge. That’s how it must have looked to the Native Americans who lived in and around the Grand Canyon 12,000 years ago, and to the Spanish explorers who laid eyes on the rift in the 16th century. Click here to virtually visit Grand Canyon National Park.

Explore these national parks at the comfort of your couch this spring and make memories that surely will last a lifetime.


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