Multinational Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer - Sony has announced a new Blockchain Common Database - BCDB.

Xcelpay|3 min read|May 4, 2020

Sony, the multinational Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer, has announced a new blockchain database — it’s called Blockchain Common Database or BCDB, the new system will leverage DLT to improve MaaS, which is fully known as Mobility as a Service.

Sony blockchain database to improve Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Multi-modal MaaS integrates means of transportation such as trains, buses, taxis, car-sharing, on-demand mobility services, and rental bicycles using IT and cloud technology to provide users with information regarding optimal routes to desired destinations and recommended transportation means and services. It presents details including the route, required time, and total cost, and covers the entire process from booking to clearing. Independently developed by Sony, BCDB features high-speed data processing to enable more than 7 million users per day to record and share anonymized travel history and revenue allocation.

This is purported to ensure a whole new level for digital transportation services. The new Sony blockchain database was independently established by the company and will be integrated with several transportation mediums.

The company mentioned in the report that the blockchain database could equally be utilized to record as well as to share different kinds of sensor data, that are associated with the establishment of a smart city.

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