Meet XcelPay, Integrated Crypto Wallet and Merchant POS One-Stop-Solution

XcelTrip|7 min read|Oct 8, 2018

 What is XcelPay? 

XcelPay is a next-generation integrated crypto wallet, payment solution and point of sale (POS) device, connecting users and merchants worldwide. 




The Singapore-based company’s product provides a safe and secure decentralized transaction process, which complies with several regulatory test and stipulations. For examples, XcelPay is prepared for the future by implementing the know-your-customer (KYC) standards for new account creation. 




This ensures that you are covered by the latest regulatory standards; hence, you don’t have to worry about cryptocurrency future hassles.




 XcelPay is a groundbreaking wallet which serves both consumers and merchants . 




It offers consumers the flexibility to store, send and receive cryptos from around the world, and it enables businesses to receive payment both online and offline through its POS device, which facilitates physical in-person cryptocurrency transactions. 


XcelPay Payment Features:


1) Auto Cryptocurrency Conversion 

XcelPay automatically converts currencies using the latest cryptocurrency rates. This avoids the hassle of moving cash, wasting time, and paying excess conversion fees to third-party exchangers. With XcelPay, you can make payment with supported cryptocurrencies automatically. 


2)Earn Bonus

Everytime you pay or recieve XcelToken, you earn sales bonus* 


3)Blockchain secure:

XcelPay utilizes the latest encryption to safeguard cryptocurrencies. This ensures that your crypto payment will not be hijacked when you use XcelPay. Your data,payments are secured by latest tech.


4)Supports multiple cryptocurrencies 

XcelPay is driving the growth of the crypto culture by supporting several cryptocurrencies. XcelToken, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more ERC-20 tokens are added on a regular basis. 


5)Easy-to-use QR code-based system 

This avoids the need to remember long account numbers and addresses.


6)Easy settlements 

Merchants can convert cryptocurrencies into major fiat currencies for bank deposits in different countries worldwide with ease. 


7)Robust CRM support 

XcelPay is among the very few players in the industry offering CRM chat support for vendors and users, ensuring smooth transaction settlement and issue resolution. 


8)XcelPay Wallet for End-Users and Consumers. 

Consumers can download the XcelPay App from the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. The secure blockchain wallet offers users total peace of mind. 


How does XcelPay wallet work? 

The XcelPay wallet is built to be easily used, just like many other payment solutions that are out there. Users just need to choose the items that they wish to purchase, and scan the QR code to indicate the payment destination. They then choose the cryptocurrency that they want to use for payment, complete the payment, and receive confirmation. It’s that simple – in 3-4 steps, your transaction is completed.


 XcelPay POS device

The XcelPay POS machine is ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars, spas, convenient stores, gas stations and many other similar businesses, worldwide. The POS device is built for quality, durability, and security. With its custom operating system, it is easy to use and comes with all the benefits of reliable smart tablets that are available in the market.


How can vendor partners get their XcelPay POS device?

Vendors that wish to benefit from this revolutionary, value adding payment solution can purchase the POS device from As part of our launch offer, we are providing you access to our solution and POS device for just $149 per annum, along with a host of additional benefits.


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