International Association for the Development of the Digital Economy (IDEO) - a new initiative was launched by Blockchain Life team.

Xcelpay|3 min read|Mar 30, 2020

To date, the community of Forum participants has several thousand participants from more than 70 countries, including representatives of state authorities and top management of leading companies in the industry.

The organizers of the largest international forum, Blockchain-Life, announced the launch of the International Digital Economic Organization (IDEO).

In the next 2 years, the IDEO Association will focus on the development of blockchain technology and digital derivatives. On the basis of IDEO, an organizational platform is being deployed, which, on the one hand, is aimed at developing partnerships among market participants, and on the other hand, maintaining a dialogue with state authorities.

Within the framework of the association, a register of service providers and an Expert Council are created, formed from among top management and founders of leading market companies and industry professionals. The IDEO Council will act as the main advisory body and platform for communication between business and the state.

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