Industries that blockchain can revolutionize: Healthcare, Education, Cybersecurity.

Xcelpay|3 min read|Feb 10, 2020


Blockchain can save lives. It may be said loudly, but it really has that potential.

Firstly, the use of blockchain in medical supply chains can prevent the sale of fake drugs. All legal pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies can be registered on a common blockchain with access to their databases. Thanks to the transparency and immutability of the blockchain, fraud can be detected if the numbers do not match.

Blockchain can also save lives in hospitals. If you create a global blockchain with medical data for all patients that will be available to legitimate doctors, this will save lives in emergency cases. Moreover, based on the patient’s history, you can choose the perfect medicine for him.

In addition, health insurance companies can also prevent fraudulent claims.


Online education and distance learning is already a reality, and blockchain can help take the next step.

Thanks to the blockchain, all the data on the education of each person, as well as his achievements and skills, can be made available to institutions and students. These records will be unchangeable, transparent and verifiable, which will allow institutions and organizations to select the right people and weed out impostors.

Moreover, it will help institutes and students in collaboration. In this way, blockchain can help wherever someone needs to be tested. It also promotes learning anywhere in the world.


The blockchain offers decentralized storage solutions, which means that it is not stored on any particular server. Although registry blocks are publicly available, advanced cryptography keeps sensitive data safe from hackers.

This concept allows you to protect the Internet of things, private messages, etc. from cyber threats.

As we could see Blockchain is capable of revolutionizing any industry that deals with transactions, data transfer and security. The above are the industries that he can revolutionize in the first place, thanks to such characteristics as immutability, cryptography and decentralization.

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