ICC will reduce harmful emissions using blockchain

Xcelpay|4 min read|Jan 4, 2020

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), in partnership with blockchain companies Perlin and AirCarbon, will work to reduce carbon emissions in commercial aviation.

Tokens help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ICC said the partnership will provide $ 40 billion for climate projects in the aviation industry. The organizations decided to launch the scheme at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid.

“We strive to ensure that all large companies deal with climate issues, supporting research, development and implementation of solutions based on digital technologies. As part of the partnership, technological capabilities will be used to accelerate innovation in reducing carbon emissions,” said ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton (John W.H. Denton).

ICC will help spread AirCarbon’s carbon credits solution. The solution is a blockchain-based trading network for the Carbon Compensation and Reduction System for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Earlier, ICC undertook to modernize the supply chain processes for member companies, making them more traceable and transparent, also implementing the Perlin blockchain.

In the summer, Binance hosted the Perlin Network IEO project.

Perlin used $ 330 million in BNB tokens to participate in the IEO project. Perlin managed to beat all previous records of the Binance Launchpad on the total assets of BNB.

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