Google and Apple Join Hands to Develop COVID-19 Contact Tracing Technology

Xcelpay|3 min read|Apr 15, 2020

The two arch-rivals of the tech industry — Apple and Google — have finally come together for a bigger cause now. Yes, it is about fighting against the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The two tech giants said that they will use a Bluetooth-based technology to accurately detect and inform people who have been in close proximity with COVID-19 patients. Apple and Google plan to work in coordination with health officials and government bodies.

As per the latest announcement, Apple and Google are jointly working on a technology that can help people know if they have come in contact with any COVID-19 positive patient. The two companies will use the traditional Bluetooth technology to help health agencies and governments reduce the spread. Apple has assured that user security and privacy will be central to this new technology.

What Apple and Google Will Offer

Besides, the contact tracing method will use the smartphone’s Bluetooth signals. Using these signals users can know if they have been in contact with the owner of the handset. If the owner turns COVID positive in the later stage, all the users in their close proximity will receive a notification.

When it comes to mobile operating systems, both Apple and Google together capture a dominant share of the market with their iOS and Android systems. Both the tech giants plan to release their APIs in May while ensuring that the technology is interoperable between iOS and Android devices. Besides, they will also release the framework for public health apps to manage the entire functionality.

Reportedly, both these giants will embed this technology directly in the OS. Thus, this technology will also work without the need for downloading an app.

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