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XcelPay|3 min read|Nov 19, 2019

A large number of bitcoin transactions are made thanks to the purchase of gift cards. They allow you to buy in most large stores and small local businesses both online and offline. Some services offer gift cards of various denominations - they can also be purchased for bitcoins. Among the most famous: eGifter, Gyft,, Cryfter, Instagift, Yes to Bitcoins and the Fold App.

In addition, last summer Coinbase announced a joint partnership with WeGift. As a result, gift cards for cryptocurrency purchases were issued. Using the offer is not difficult at all - users just need to connect their Coinbase wallet with WeGift service in order to buy gift cards for cryptocurrency for their family and friends. The cards themselves allow you to shop in more than 120 branded stores, including Nike, Amazon, Levis, Uber, Google Play and others.

The cryptocurrency application market is growing rapidly. More and more wholesale and retail companies are turning their attention to the possibilities of digital coins. Applications are in demand for processing orders paid with coins. Among them, Coingate services are very popular, which allow network companies to accept payments from their customers in several of the most popular cryptocurrencies.


Other major services are known:

Coinbase Commerce - Offers a simple non-custodian solution to support BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and USDC, with no transaction fees. The offer has been used by more than 2000 sellers.

Coinomi is a convenient wallet that also works with several cryptocurrencies. Allows you to exchange coins almost instantly thanks to a partnership with the ShapeShift service, which is known for its convenient interface and transaction speed.

Bitrefill - the service of replenishing mobile accounts also allows users to buy vouchers and gift cards directly in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

BitPay - the blockchain payment provider supports, in addition to BTC, also ETH, BCH, USDC, GUSD and PAX. Soon, the wallet promises to add an XRP coin. Last year alone, BitPay processed payments of more than $ 1 billion from global merchants, including Microsoft, Dish Networks, FanDuel, and Avnet.

But instead of a variety of Digital Wallets, we would like to advise you to use our XcelPay Wallet in order to see all advantages of Blockchain Technologies!

XcelPay Wallet is a merchant POS, digital payment wallet and crypto payment gateway which is integrated into an easy to use crypto wallet that is empowered for both mobile and tablet use, makes sure that transferring and receiving payments in crypto is a secure process. XcelPay Wallet aims to cut out undesirable middlemen, bank/card transaction fees, currency conversion fees that produce a negative effect on the retailer’s and consumer’s margins. The Wallet allows you to top-up mobile phone plans with 900 different carrier services and in 160 countries, with Ethereum and Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.


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