Explore Greece with XcelTrip! Petani and Myrtos beaches.

XcelTrip|2 min read|Jul 6, 2021

Greece is the queen of luxurious beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Three seas, many islands with unique natural landscapes and a variety of beaches — the wealth of Greece is incredible…

On the Greek islands, everyone can find their paradise on earth. Do you doubt it? Then meet the best beaches of Greece!

In Greece, almost all beaches are municipal. They, like other natural resources, belong to the state. From which it follows that you can visit them without any restrictions and for free. But for convenience (umbrellas, deck chairs) will have to pay, unless they belong to the hotel in which you could have settled by booking at XcelTrip.

Petani beach

Myrtos beach

Mirtos beach is the business card of Kefalonia. His photos can be seen on the cover of posters, calendars, postcards, souvenirs. It is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world and is one of the most spectacular views of Greece. Twenty kilometers south of Fiscardo is the town of Divarata, where the descent to the famous beach begins. The track in this place runs along a steep mountainside, rather high above the sea, revealing breathtaking landscapes. Believe me; it is worth stopping and admiring the opening view of the blue-blue bay at the snow-white coast under the rocks rising up! The suspension rising from the bottom leaves milky stains on Before the beach, get ready for the fact that one lane of the road will be completely filled with cars of tourists. A fabulous view will open before you if you decide to retire on the beach in the evening — the sunset on Myrtos is just stunning!

Petani and Myrtos beaches are worth visiting. You can book a hotel through XcelTrip today. Book trips for flights and check into hotels using XcelTrip today and get an exciting Summer experience!



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