Cyprus: A Travel Guide

Xceltrip|6 min read|Dec 10, 2019

Cyprus is a jewel tucked in the Eastern Mediterranean. It boasts historic, mythical as well as cultural destinations — visitors can enjoy various archaeological sites, or settle for other plentiful outdoor activities including annual festivals, hiking, and water games. Here are the top attractions on the island.

Kykkos Monastery

Kykkos monastery is adorned with decorations and antique exhibits made from precious metals such as gold, silver, brass, and bronze. Set on a mountain peak, you will need to bring your hiking gear if you want to reach this spot. The museum found at the centre will give you an account of the pre-Christian history contained in the manuscripts and other documents. At the end of your journey, settle down with a glass of wine, before descending. You might want to join locals and other visitors on August 15 and September 8 for the annual religious fairs.

Nissi Beach

For those evening or early morning beach walks, you have to check out Nissi beach. Boasting a 500-metre (1,640-foot) stretch covered with the finest white sand, and turquoise blue waters, you will find yourself among water skiers, windsurfers, and other water babies enjoying everything from beach volleyball to foam parties. Nissi is part of the 57 local beaches awarded the Blue Flag designation.

Aphrodite’s Rock- Petra tou Romiou

It is not just the myth of the Greek goddess of love and beauty that attracts visitors here — people also enjoy swimming in the cool waters during summer, some in the hope that they will regain their youth, others, just for pleasure. Whichever takes you, Aphrodite’s rock is a perfect destination for a summer afternoon. Come and be a witness of Cyprus’s beauty in the vast sea that gave ‘birth’ to a goddess and the magnificent sites surrounding it.

Ayios Lazaros

Cyprus’s architecture holds history and enchanting culture. One of the beautiful ancient architectural buildings is the Orthodox Church of Saint Lazarus. The Ayios Lazaro church, as it is locally known, stands over the tomb of Lazarus. Its remarkable architecture and intricate interior is a representation of Byzantine handiwork in Cyprus. Every year, the Church hosts a religious procession of the saint through Larnaca, eight days before Easter. There is also the Byzantine Museum, which is just 800 metres (2,625 feet) an eight-minute walk from the church.

Paphos Castle

Standing majestically with part of its base in the sea, Paphos Castle was built as a fort to protect the harbour. Today, the building, which has seen several recreations over the years, stands proud and provides perfect backgrounds and grounds for cultural events and festivals, one of them being the Aphrodite festival which is held every September. Culture abounds in Paphos — as a result, it was picked as the European Capital of Culture in 2017. The castle is a perfect representation of the powers that controlled Cyprus at the time, and the extent each went to exert their rule on the land.

Why Visit Cyprus?

One of the top reasons for visiting Cyprus is the incredible weather. The summer months are warm and dry, and perfect for enjoying the island’s many beaches. Even in winter, you’ll find the weather is warm compared to most parts of Europe. For many people this makes Cyprus the ideal holiday destination all year round.

If you prefer slightly cooler temperatures, then spring is the perfect time to visit, when the island is still sunny but not too hot. You’ll also find it a bit quieter at this time, as it will be less crowded with tourists.

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