Cities To Visit In Greenland

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Greenland is a Danish territory, with Denmark having granted its home rule in 1979. Since a majority of the population is Inuit, the culture of Greenland is mainly dominated by Inuit beliefs and practices. However, the rest of the populace includes the descendants of Norse colonists and is associated with the Lutheran Church. Therefore, it is a mix of traditional Inuit and Scandinavian cultures.

17,000 people are settled in the capital city of Nuuk. Subsequently, icebergs and glaciers make for the highlight of this country and contribute to its ethereal beauty. The inhabitants of Greenland are the various immigrated people who possess unparalleled abilities that help them survive unusual temperatures. There are quite a number of cities to visit in Greenland that will make your vacation in this country worthwhile.

Ilulissat (meaning Icebergs)

A magical town located approximately 200 km (120 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. The most visited place in Greenland is home to Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tour by air, sailboat and on foot -- all three if you can afford to. Stay in an igloo at Hotel Arctic overlooking the Icefijord and Disko Bay.


Site of Greenland's largest commercial airport, the entire city is built around the runway. The only reason to visit is to see Ice Cap Point 660 along the Arctic Circle. Drive through the moraine landscape and walk directly on the vast ice sheets that make up the Greenland Ice Cap.


Nuuk is the capital and largest city in Greenland. Admire traditional Danish homes as well as modern housing projects. The city offers museums, malls, restaurants and cultural centers where visitors can learn about Greenland's ancient civilizations dating as far as 2200 BC.



This is the place to see blue ice glaciers; a phenomenon caused from compressed snow and increased size of air crystals. The best way to soak in the Narsarsuaq Glacier, or the Dead Glacier, because it doesn't produce any icebergs is by hike.


The area around the settlement is home to many sheep farms that were inhabited by Norsemen. The only reason to come here is to relax at the Ipiutaq Guest Farm, a working farm with a two-bedroom guesthouse and French-Greenlandic cuisine. Picturesque valleys, vast pastures, and glaciers surround it, and there is nearby fishing and hiking.


Another sleepy little town in south Greenland where photographers can have a field trip. With a backdrop of mountains, colorful homes and beautiful shore of Tunulliarfik Fjord, there is no reason to stay indoors.


The capital of South Greenland can be identified as the Portofino of the Arctic. A dramatic approach from water captures the bay lined with shrimp boats and homes spread across the hilly slopes. The destination is known for kayaking, guided hiking, whale watching, cross-country skiing, and boating.

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