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XcelTrip|3 min read|Dec 16, 2021

Winter is an amazing time of the year for travel with Christmas and New Year adding joy and beauty in different places. The winter season is a time to fully enjoy the holiday and make a memorable experience.

Some of us want to spend winter at home but some of us want to visit beautiful winter destinations around the globe. If you love exploring beautiful places and wondering where to travel for this winter holiday? Here are the top beautiful winter destinations for 2021.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a landlocked European country that is said to be the best destination for winter holidays during Christmas. The capital city Prague is snow layered and captivating with endless glittering lights and bridges over the rivers. The traditional Christmas markets are fun with foods and traditional goods. Also, with decorated Christmas trees, foods and greetings full of love. For cold winter nights, try the local tasty soup available in restaurants and shops that will keep you warm.

Do visit Old Town square, Wenceslas Square and Peace Square to get acquainted with the history, culture and architecture of Prague.

Paris, France

The city of love and lights, Paris is a gateway for winter destinations. The soft music always playing in the air makes the city cozier. Different cafes decorated with flowers that serve you crêpes or croissants are delicious to savor while enjoying the beauty of the place. If you go to Paris, the popular Eiffel Tower is a must to see. From the deck of the Eiffel Tower, the view of the city covered in snow and lights looks like heaven. It rains so be prepared with umbrellas and waterproof clothes.

Paris makes a wonderful festival break with Christmas markets, ice skating, vintage funfair rides, museums, church service, concerts and sparkling light displays.

NewYork, USA

Christmas and New Year in the lively New York city is what one should experience at least once in their lifetime. People traveling to New York for Christmas can visit the famous place, Bryant Park. Bryant Park is surrounded by the ice skating rink, where people can ice skate for free. The arena is surrounded by Christmas stalls selling ornaments, arts and crafts. You can also check out Sixth Avenue and Dyker Heights and the famous Times Square ball drop during New Year’s Eve.

Holiday traditions with countless events including Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree and skating rink are back for 2021 in New York so it might be the perfect time to choose this city for this winter holiday.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin city is famous around the world for its authentic Christmas markets. It is said that the Germans invented Christmas.

If you are planning to spend your winter holiday in Berlin you can enjoy the city’s clubs, restaurants and museums. Also, Germany is welcoming with festively decorated stalls and lit shopping streets. You can also visit the glittering Botanical Garden in Berlin during this festive season if you want to be away from hustle and bustle.

Don’t miss the Christmas and New Year markets around Alexanderplatz, Grunewald Church, Kranoldplatz and other markets that have a historic atmosphere with a fun environment.

Tokyo, Japan

Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan but this city cannot resist the effects of Christmas celebrations around the globe. For those traveling to Japan during holidays, in addition to food, winter sports like skiing, skating are a must to try for fun. Winter in Japan is cold but Tokyo’s light displays and illuminations lighting up the city will warm your heart. Stroll around the parks, markets and try the mulled wine and delicious winter foods like Nabemono along with other Japanese seafood. You can also unwind with a hot bath or spa in Tokyo.

The New Year in Japan is the most important holiday celebrated in Japan. You can visit shrines and also buy “fukubukro” (lucky bag) during New Year Eve in Tokyo. Visit the Winter markets for shopping and explore the city. Do try winter activities while in Tokyo that will make you feel better.

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