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Athens is the ancient cultural center of Greece and just a very beautiful and original city. Athens is an antique city, so start your acquaintance with the most “bearded” sights. One of these places is the area of Plaka. The oldest historical district of the city rests under the shadow of a no less ancient hill - the Acropolis. Labyrinths of narrow shady streets twined with greens and flowers interlace in a fancy pattern, taking you back in time, slowing down time. Here you should wander among the old traditional Greek houses, and then wrap up in one of the hospitable little taverns, in order to be convinced of the Greek cordiality.

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Athens Acropolis (Athens)

After a walk through Plaka, do not be lazy to climb the Acropolis. Everyone probably knows this flat-topped cliff, topped with a classical Greek temple. Thousands of tourists come to this truly magical place every year who want to see the most interesting sights of Greece with their own eyes.

The first temples of the Acropolis were laid in the days of the Archaic.  Earlier this place was the residence of the king. Over time, it began to acquire architectural forms that have remained virtually untouched by today. So gradually the Acropolis turned into a small town. Sculptures that were located in the Acropolis, for certain reasons, were replaced by replicas. Their originals are now in different museums in Europe. Now, instead of a magnificent structure, there are only ruins. Architects are trying to restore individual elements of the most significant objects. To complete this project they will need a lot of years.

Panathinaikos stadium (Athens)

At the very heart of Athens is a unique stadium, which is known to the world under the name Panathinaikos. Tourists pay special attention to this sight of Greece. The oldest structure was built of white marble. After the restoration of the destroyed elements, the first Olympic Games were held at the stadium, which are recorded in modern history. Travelers who are wondering what to visit in Greece should definitely visit Panathinaikos. In ancient times, the Panafinean Games were held at this stadium, which were considered the most important festival in Athens.

At the moment, Panathinaikos is used not only as a venue for sports competitions. Also at the stadium they hold various concerts and exhibitions that are devoted to Greek culture. Therefore, during a visit to this attraction, guests of Athens will be able not only to enjoy the views of the stadium, but also to get a closer look at its history.

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