Blockchain in Supply chain industry and Intellectual property.

Xcelpay|3 min read|Feb 12, 2020

Supply chain

Supply chains are a complex industry. There can be hundreds of stages in global supply chains — cargo ships, trains, warehouses, etc. And a distributed digital registry can be incredibly valuable here.

The blockchain has practical applications in ensuring transparency, contracts, tracking and payments throughout the supply chain. For example, each participant in the supply chain may have access to the details of the previous block and other relevant information.

Big players like Walmart are already using blockchain in their supply chain and are reaping the rewards.

Intellectual property

Theft of original creations and / or ideas is common throughout the world. People constantly use intellectual property for personal and commercial purposes, and the creators are in no hurry to seek legal protection. Why? They will need to provide evidence, such as a patent, trademark, or copyright to a publicly accessible creation, which will take time and money.

Digital registry technology can help protect intellectual property. Thanks to the immutable and safe blockchain system with timestamps, you can record your discovery or creation in the digital registry. This can serve as an ideal proof in case of legal issues.

Thus, the blockchain will prevent digital thieves from cheating and stealing intellectual property.

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