Australia Travel Guide

XcelTrip|4 min read|May 7, 2019

Australia is a land between the Pacific and the Indian oceans. Even though is the smallest continent, is very culturally and naturally diverse. There are so many sights to enjoy and discover. Use this Australian travel guide if you have just a few days to spend in this splendid country, book your trip to Australia now through XcelTrip:


“The city of churches”

Stroll the quiet streets of Adelaide filled with bars and music venues that are worth checking out. Aside from the bars, churches and music venues, the city has n-number of parks and green spaces for the tourists to enjoy. The parameters of the city are filled with verdant land that are perfect for cultivating vinyards.


“Capital of Western Australia”

Perth is very isolated from the rest of the country, yet is routinely considered one of the most liveable cities with fantastic cultural sites, and range of services on offer. A young place, Perth is nearly always showered in sunshine and its spectacular beaches are perfect for kicking back and peacefully relaxing on. Away from the coast, there are lots of outdoor events for you to enjoy. There are loads of amazing museums on offer as well as some countless shopping options in this city of nearly two million people.


“The city of the cool”

Citizens from all around the world flock to this city to witness its museums and energy. Its multicultural populace is echoed in the delightful cuisine on offer and the exceptional neighbourhoods that make it such a attractive place to explore. With a European feel about it thanks to the architecture on show, travelling around the city’s streets and many green spaces will unavoidably make you fall in love with it.

To use this Australia travel guide, book your trip to Australia now through XcelTrip and make memories that last a life time.


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