Airlines that Accept Bitcoin Payments

XcelPay|4 min read|Jun 12, 2019

Bitcoin’s growing reception all over the world, mainly in the tourism industry, has been pushing the airline business to accept bitcoin payments. Below is a list of airlines that are allowing clients to pay in bitcoin, download the XcelPay app and make sure that your payments are secure:

 Airlines that Accept Bitcoin Payments

In 2013, was one of the first online travel agencies to accept bitcoin payments. They have now gone a step further and made the declaration that it will be also accepting Litecoin, BCH, and Dash as payment options. This will enable travellers to make payment by means of these cryptocurrencies while reserving flights and hotels.

The Spanish travel agency,, is one of the new companies which has newly started accepting bitcoins for imbursement. The business has made an addition of the new payment option through BitPay, which is one of the famous cryptocurrency-related payment processors. Currently, offers a wide catalogue range with over 190,000 hotels accessible to the clienteles.



Latvian airline airBaltic was one of the first airlines to accept bitcoin as imbursement from its clienteles, and provides over 60 destinations situated across Europe, Middle East, and Russia.


Peach Aviation

Japanese economical airline, Peach Aviation, began accepting Bitcoin in late 2017 for all its discount flights across north Asia., which provides flights across mainland Europe, also now accept bitcoin payment.


LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines also takes bitcoins for imbursement and it can be used to pay for flights to and from over 60 destinations.


Virgin Galactic

Billionaire business tycoon, Richard Branson, has proclaimed that his futuristic commercial space flight project, Virgin Galactic, will also accept bitcoins.



Is an online travel booking platform based on the blockchain technology, aims to disrupt the ever-growing trillion-dollar travel industry, through challenging the monopoly of the ecosystem by giving the power back to the users. XcelTrip, allows travellers to check-in at over 800,000 hotels and book tickets with over 400 airlines, they accept bitcoin, VERGE currency, Litecoin, XcelToken Plus, Binance and Ethereum.


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