A Digital Connectivity Map for London

XcelTrip|4 min read|Jun 22, 2019

This London Map will be updated whenever new data are published. The next phase of will include the ability to compare historical coverage and export reports. It is the most comprehensive information publicly available. However, it is subject to a number of important caveats that need to be addressed by providers and government.


 A Digital Connectivity Map for London


What does the Map show?

It demonstrates that coverage of Superfast in London is currently at 95.6% of properties, which means the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) target of 93% by 2017 was just in London, and the next target of 97% by 2020 is also unlikely to be met (the map shows it at 95.6%).


We are also seeing Full Fibre coverage sitting around 11.5%, and being contained within small pockets of the city. The DCMS target within the Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review aims for 15 million premises across the UK connected with full fibre by 2025, around 50%. To achieve this target government need to see significant levels of private investment, and for it to be directed right across London, not just in the commercially viable areas. This tool could provide greater transparency for those who want to understand what connectivity looks like across London. Councils can have a clearer picture on what digital provision looks like in their area to inform their digital strategies and ambitions, and enable them to plan for how they can help to use their assets and the tools available to them to encourage and direct investment in under-served areas.


Next steps

So while Digital Map gives greater transparency to London’s policy makers than before, there are clear challenges with data at a national level which need to be addressed.  This has consequences for Londoners.


Finally, the issue to be resolve is the inherent tension between provisions of information in order to inform public policy in a competitive market. Something is better than nothing, but a rethink is needed if digital connectivity is truly to be considered the ‘fourth utility’ government now considers it to be — an everyday necessity alongside water, gas and electricity.


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