5 Places to Explore in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

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Located about 400km east of Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod is one of the most important centres of cultural, economic, and political activity in European Russia. Widely considered, after St Petersburg and Moscow, to be Russia’s ‘third city’, Nizhny is fast becoming a hot-spot for Russian and global tourists alike, attracted by the city’s up-and-coming reputation and stunning landscape.

5 Places to Explore in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Nizhny Novgorod’s cablecar

Completed in 2012, taking a ride on Nizhny Novgorod’s cablecar has fast become a favorite activity of tourists. The trip offers unparalleled opportunities to view the city’s gorgeous natural landscape from this bird’s eye position. The 3660m long gondola lift connects Nizhny to the town of Bor and stretches across the Volga River for 900 panoramic meters. The gondola acts as both a convenient means of transportation and a fantastic sight-seeing expedition – come at sunset for a golden-bathed view of the river and surrounding landscape.

House-museum of Maxim Gorky

During the Soviet era, Nizhny Novgorod, birthplace of celebrated Russian writer Maxim Gorky, was renamed ‘Gorky’ in honor of this national hero. This home has been preserved in a state as accurate as possible to how it was left by Gorky and is so successful in this that it would seem as though the writer still lived there. The museum ‘s historic interiors and authentic furnishings will transport you back to the 1900s and the creative world of this icon of Russian literature. Come and make the most of this unique experience to delve into the childhood world of this Russian father of social realism. Museum booklets and guided tours are available in English.

Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka

A yarmarka is something akin to a fair, and this historic former market place was restored in 1991, the site now playing home to a superb modern exhibition centre. The city’s yarmarka plays host to international events, fairs, and conventions. In 2011, for the 20year anniversary of the fair’s re-founding, a vast array of exhibitions were organized, attended by thousands including members of the British royal family, Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Margaret Thatcher. The fair is not only a buzzing centre of business and culture, it is also one of the city’s most impressive sights.

The National Centre of Contemporary Art

Inside the walls of Nizhny’s Kremlin can also be found one of the best modern art galleries in Russia. Linked to galleries in both St Petersburg and Moscow, this top-ranking exhibition center houses regularly changing displays of both Russian and international art as well as interactive exhibits and a media library. Progress is also on-going of adding a concert hall, extending the exhibition areas, and creating a restaurant. These additions aim to make art contemporary, not simply a detached, unrelatable concept, but bring it closer to the Russian people.

Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street

An excellent spot to soak up the best of the city’s atmosphere, this pedestrian street lies in the heart of Nizhny Novgorod. The beautiful Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street is constantly buzzing and provides new and exciting sights at every turn. Gorgeous buildings and fountains tower on all sides – showcasing the best of Nizhny’s architecture. Quirky shop fronts and lovely local souvenirs will have you pausing at every window while the charming cafés will draw you in with their tempting aromas. Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street transforms by night into a vibrant hub of evening activity and is the place to come for a night-out in the city. The bars of this street are favorites with Nizhny Novgorod’s student population.

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