5 Awesome Places to Visit in Tromso

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The docks of Tromso, northern Norway's largest city, lies between Narvik and Hammerfest on a small island 349 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Established in the 13th century, Tromso remains an important fishing port, as well as a popular location from which to view and study Norway's famous aurora borealis, or northern lights. Each year in late January/early February, Tromso hosts the Northern Lights Festival, a musical extravaganza that attracts artists and symphonic orchestras from across Scandinavia.

5 Awesome Places to Visit in Tromso

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden

The Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden and its unique collections are a must-see for those interested in Northern Norway's unique flora. Despite the snow, the flowering season starts early in May, rewarding visitors with displays of purple saxifrage and yellow cushion plants, pasqueflowers, and a variety of flowering bulbs. The garden is divided into 25 collections, each showcasing a different cold-weather species or region, including plants of the Himalayas, the Arctic, and other extreme climates, as well as traditional Norwegian plants.

Arctic Cathedral

Just before the Tromsø Bridge on the mainland sits Tromsdalen Church, better known as the Arctic Cathedral (Ishavskatedralen). This striking example of the bold modern architecture now common throughout Norway was designed by Jan Inge Hovig in 1965. Hovig's design ties in elements of divine worship with the Nordic surroundings, echoing the shape of ships' sails and the stark white of the ice.

Science Center of Northern Norway

The Science Center of Northern Norway, home to Norway's largest planetarium, offers visitors a thrilling up close look at Tromsø's spectacular northern lights on its huge digital screen. In addition, the center offers visitors a chance to explore regional phenomena and universal questions on more than 80 interactive installations covering arctic related themes such as energy, climate, and weather, as well as resources and the environment.

Hella, Kvaløy

About 32 kilometers south of Tromsø on the east side of the island of Kvaløy lies the village of Hella and its open-air museum containing a number of houses from old Tromsø. Also, worth a visit are the Kvinnafossen Falls, located between Leikanger and Hella. They are particularly stunning during the spring thaw, when visitors park on the road to feel the spray from the waterfall.

Tromsø Museum

The Tromsø Museum's most popular area is dedicated to the Northern Lights, acting as an educational center, which allows visitors to get hands-on with the science behind the phenomenon. Exhibits include a look at the history of aurora borealis research, a thorough explanation of what makes these lights appear, and even an area where you can create your own show in the plasma chamber. There is also a film, free guided tours, and admission includes a complimentary book about the topic.

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