4 Historical Places in Turkey

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The land of historic significance, a nation with great cultural depths of Turkey, its charm is such that it fascinates millions of tourists year after year. Tourists can’t have enough of this place. Turkey has so much to provide, that a tourist might fall short of time to visit all the historical places in Turkey.


Here are four must see historical places in Turkey:


Anadoluhisari, a fort situated in Istanbul, was constructed by the Ottoman Sultan who ruled between 1393 and 1394. One of the best historic places in Istanbul, it is also the primogenital Turkish architectural erection constructed in Istanbul and was transformed in to a museum during the 1990’s. Though the inner museum is not open to civic, the outer walls are still reachable and its stunning beauty is worthy of a visit. 

The Blue Mosque 

One of the most picturesque buildings and most well-known ancient places in Turkey, the Blue Mosque is like a social compound. It features a mosque, a madrasa, Sultan Resting Mansion, Turkish bath, a fountain, a hospital, Mekteb-I Sıbyan, rental rooms, and homes. On a visit to this most famous tourist attraction, one must not overlook a visit to ‘Arasta’, which is at the back of the museum and is enclosed by Mosaic Museum with shops retailing souvenirs. 

Alanya Castle 

If you are scheduling to visit the best historic monuments in Turkey, it will be a dishonour if you miss the Alanya castle. Then a castle, now an open-air museum, it offers scenic view of the turquoise waters that flow alongside. This castle is enclosed by a four-mile wall that topographies of about 140 towers. 


Constructed in the 10th century BC, this city thrived under the Roman Republic. It was reputable as a port and was an significant profitable centre. Either take a taxi or rent a bike. Alternatively, mini-buses are the cheapest way to travel. 

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