XcelTrip Announces the Sale of XcelToken

XcelTrip|4 min read|Mar 22, 2018


San Jose, California – XcelTrip LLC is excited to announce the public sale of the XcelToken, a first of its kind utility token specifically created for rewarding travelers worldwide. Its core value feature is built on the promise of “Earn While you travel”, by offering travelers help save money, as well as, earn additional income by participating in de-centralized travel eco system.

The token will be sold from March 20 through May 14 2018 throughout the Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. The public Token sale is being offered with 20% bonus, meaning each unit of token purchase will come with 20% additional tokens.  Upon completion of the sixty days sale, XcelToken will be registered with a reputable exchange, at which point the price of the Token shall be determined by the market force. XcelToken can be purchased at www.xceltoken.com

XcelToken is created on blockchain Ethereum platform based on ERC20 token and the utility value of the token is backed by XcelTrip, a full-service online Travel platform providing travel services, including, airline ticket, accommodations, vehicle rental, restaurant, bar etc. on decentralized platform. XcelToken has 50b of total supply hence 25b of xceltoken has been secured in Public Escrow which is 50% of total supply. There is only 5 billion of xceltoken available in public sale with the value of $.11c per xceltoken.

XcelTrip is the first decentralized Travel eco system, powered by blockchain technology.

The XcelTrip Decentralized platform is designed to remove the middleman like OTAs (online travel aggregators) and GDS (global distribution systems), who take away a big chunk of the business revenue without directly adding any value to anyone in the travel chain, and change the way travel is done in the future.

XcelTrip’s business model and its progressive approach to decentralization with no fee for vendor partners and income opportunity for end users is recognized to be unique and refreshingly disruptive alternative to the existing fee driven online travel aggregators.  

XcelTrip expects to increase the utility of tokens not only by extensively using it in the travel eco system and hospitality industry but also by expanding the usage outside its domain through partnership with businesses who are seeking to grow their interest as well.  

XcelTrip began its business operation on March 14 with online booking engine for airline tickets and hotel and expects to progressively add six other verticals within a year

XcelTrip is a US registered company based in San Jose, California and brain child of Hob Khadka, a serial entrepreneur and investor in technology and blockchain driven company.

Contact Information:

XcelTrip LLC
Roger Adhikari, roger@xceltrip.com




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