Women have become more interested in cryptocurrencies.

Xcelpay|2 min read|May 26, 2020

It’s important that women’s participation in the cryptocurrency business and blockchain tech happens quickly. Early adopters who develop blockchains and invest in cryptocurrencies before they go mainstream get the lion’s share of its wealth and influence.

Unless women get involved soon, two important opportunities might get missed: the chance to make their mark on modern finance, and the moment to share the wealth that new, successful technologies bring.

Whether you are a woman — at any stage in your career — trying to break into cryptocurrency, or perhaps you are writing a grant to obtain support for women in crypto-related pursuits, this directory contains a comprehensive set of resources.

The first quarter of 2020 showed an increased interest of women in cryptocurrencies. This is the conclusion reached by CoinMarketСap analysts. In the first three months of this year, according to the service, the number of women among users increased by almost 40%. So, in the last quarter of 2019, this figure increased only by 15.5%. Mostly female users who are interested in leading coins and other digital assets are dominated by girls aged 18–24.

The most active are residents of America and Europe. Residents of Greece are especially active on the European continent. The growth of new users from this country at CoinMarketCap amounted to more than 163%. Romania came second in European activity, followed by Portugal, as well as Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The increased “female activity” did not pass by the Asian region. Among the female representatives, the residents of Indonesia became the fastest here with an increase in service of 88.9%.

The increase among users of the number of Argentines, Venezuelans and Colombia showed 98.2%, 82% and 80%, respectively. The crypto-activity of female users who live today in various regions of the African continent has also increased. Service data note that the cumulative increase in this territory reaches + 17.9%. We remind you that a similar study at the end of 2019 was announced by Grayscale. According to her, an increasing number of women consider bitcoin as one of the most profitable forms of investment. Then, among all investors interested in BTC, the share of women was 43%. The static data of the Warwick Business School previously also showed differences between female and male investment strategies. Men also have something to learn from women when trading on the -.

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