Visit Australia to get a Glimpse of its Natural Beauty.

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Australia is a massive country full of absolutely beautiful culture. Big cities, the very best global cuisines, serene beaches and wonderful wildlife are just a few things you should be prepared for in your tour to Australia. Visit Australia and you will experience much more than that.


And while the busy streets of Melbourne, or the popular beaches along the East coast, have their own charms, it would be a gross error to underrate the sheer natural beauty Australia has to offer. Remove yourself from the bustling crowds and you might just find yourself dab centre hiking across a stretch of lush green woods, or emerge at an isolated white beach on-looking turquoise blue waters, or explore long winding paths through dry deserts. Whatever it may be, you are guaranteed an experience like no other when you take the jump and Visit Australia. 

For travelers, one of the most convenient ways of finding these destination spots is to explore the bio-diversities Australian National Parks have to offer. Here is our top four best National Parks in Australia that will definitely quench your thirst for wanderlust.



Formerly known as the Ayers Rock, the name was changed to reflect its aboriginal heritage when it was reverted to native ownership. It is the spiritual centre for the region’s aboriginal people, and the park contains 32 breathtakingly huge rock domes, making for stunning sunrise and sunset photos as the rocks change colors in the sunlight.



When you look up at Freycinet National Park, the Hazards, rugged pink-red granite mountains, rise out of the sea. When you look down your eyes are greeted by the gorgeous blue waters of Wineglass Bay, considered by many to be one of the best beaches in Australia. And in case you are a birdwatcher or a nature enthusiast, it happens to be one of the best spots to be on the lookout for rare flora and fauna. Some areas of the park are so remote, they have yet to be visited by humans, probably because most of them are too busy sea kayaking or fishing.



Purnululu National Park is home to unique bee-hived shaped karst sandstone formations that are marked with orange and black stripes, one of the most extensive sandstone formations in the world. Western Australia’s Purnululu is a great place for hiking and rock climbing, and as such only the more adventurous travelers are the ones who usually frequent this park.



Probably the only place on earth where you can see both crocodiles and aboriginal rock art, Kakadu is home to diverse terrain, flora and fauna, including kangaroos and giant crocodiles. It is the largest National Park in Australia – about half the size of Switzerland. Situated inside the park is the famous Alligator River and Ranger Uranium Mine, which happens to be the world’s most productive uranium mine. With over 5,000 aboriginal heritage sites located within the park, Kakadu National Park is not only one of the most beautiful places when you visit Australia but also happens to be most culturally significant of them all.

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