Travel with Bitcoin and enjoy the sights of Denmark

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Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg is one of the most beautiful palaces in all of Denmark. This is not only a business card of her capital, Copenhagen, but also a residential building. And the most important people in Denmark live in it - Queen Margrethe with her family. The complex of palace buildings in the Rococo style is located with facades to each other.


Travel with Bitcoin and enjoy the sights of Denmark


Frederiksborg Palace

Frederiksborg Palace was built at the turn of the 16-17th centuries, and it is located in the town of Hillerød, not far from the Danish capital Copenhagen. The first buildings of the castle were laid here in 1560 by King Frederick. And after the death of the king, Christian the Fourth took his throne - he ruled the country for 59 years.


Kronborg Castle

All Danish castles are very picturesque, but most of all Kronborg in Elsinore stands out. Kronborg owes its fame to mentioning Hamlet as the main scene of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.


Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle in Denmark is one of the most picturesque places in the country. Its round towers with pointed spiers seem to have come down from the pages of some tale of bygone days, and the gardens surrounding the castle are worthy of a separate poem.


Copenhagen City Hall

One of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen is the Town Hall. The building acquired its present appearance in 1905, and today the height of its tower is more than 105 meters - not every city dominant can boast of such a height.


Legoland in Denmark

The world's first Legoland theme park was opened in Billund, Denmark, in the homeland of the LEGO designer in 1968. Danish Legoland, built from over 46 million LEGO blocks, is currently the largest in the world.


Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

One of the most famous symbols of Copenhagen in the world is the bronze Little Mermaid. The idea of ​​creating a sculpture came to Karl Jacobsen. The son of the creator of the Carlsberg Brewery, impressed by the ballet The Little Mermaid, invited the ballerina who performed the main part to pose for the sculptor Edward Eriksen.



The main city attraction, St. Knud's Cathedral (or simply Odense Cathedral) was consecrated in honor of King Knud IV. The building that tourists enjoy today is an excellent example of classic brick gothic.



The territory of Christiania consists of former military barracks and the remains of city ramparts, built in 1617 by King Christian IV. Today, these ramparts, preserved only in Christiania, are one of the best military structures of the 17th century in the world.


Waterpark "Lalandia"

Lalandia” is the common name of two large entertainment complexes in Rudby, on the island of Lolland, and Billund. In both parks there are hotels, an ice rink, playgrounds for various sports, and excellent Aquadome water parks, and the Billund one is the largest in Scandinavia.


Aquarium in Copenhagen - Den Bla Planet

The Danes are a people of seafarers, it is not surprising that the largest aquarium in Northern Europe is located in Copenhagen. It was opened in 2013 in the presence of the ruling Queen Margrethe II and Crown Prince Henrik.


Odense Palace

Odense Palace begins its history with a monastery of the 15th century, which was transferred to the state after the Reformation and has since served as an administrative building: first the residence of the Signor, then the administrator of the amt, then the Governor's Palace and, finally, the building of municipal services.


Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg is a palace built of granite with a greenish-copper roof, the palace is located on the island of Slotsholmen. For 800 years, it was the main residence of the Danish kings, until in 1794 there was a fire.


Valle Castle

On the island of Zeeland in Denmark, just 7 km from the town of Koge, the beautiful and mysterious Vallee Castle is located. When it was erected, it is not known for certain that the buildings on this site were still in the 13th century - ancient books testify to this. Then the castle belonged to the wealthy landowner Eskild Kraga.


Sonderborg Castle

Sönnerborg is a beautiful and majestic castle in the center of the city of the same name, located on the island of Als in southern Denmark. Despite the fact that the castle was built in the 12th century, it is strikingly different from other government residences.


Hammershus Castle

Hammershus is one of Denmark's oldest castles of traditional construction style. It is located in the northern part of the island of Bornholm and is a picturesque ruin of the fortress walls, where group tourist excursions are constantly organized (annually about 450 thousand tourists visit Hammershus).


Danish Architecture Center BLOX

The Danish Architecture Center BLOX is a striking example of the architecture of the future. It combined not only modern forms and materials, but also an environmentally friendly approach to the use of resources. Once upon a time there was a fire on this place, and no one wanted to be built there.


Copenhagen Zoo

The first menagerie in Copenhagen was opened in 1859 by ornithologist and animal artist Niels Kjarbilling in the park of the Frederiksberg Palace, now occupied by the Royal Danish Military Academy. The number of exhibits was small, most were species typical of Denmark.


Royal Library of Denmark

Fans of ancient manuscripts will be interested in the Royal Library - a classic building with huge reading rooms and massive furniture. The original manuscripts of Hans Christian Andersen are kept here.


Aggersborg Fortress

Aggersborg is one of Denmark's most visited attractions, a large fortification built, presumably, in the 10th century. Aggersborg belongs to the six so-called circular castles or ring fortresses of Denmark built by the Vikings.


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