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XcelTrip|2 min read|Jun 1, 2021

Looking for indelible moments? You’ll find them when you swim at the famous Shipwreck Beach, watch the sunset from the cliffs of Keri and Kryoneri, listen to the islanders sing their cantatas and see the endangered caretta caretta sea turtles lay their eggs in the island’s white sands. Welcome to Zakynthos, as it is known in Greece, the island that has it all.

What to do in Zakynthos Set sail for fabulous beaches?

From your seat on the caique that does the circuit of Zakynthos, you’ll see a cavalcade of beaches, each one more magical than the last. Shipwreck Beach, Laganas, Gerakas, Vasilikos, Marathonisi, the Blue Caves … all rank among the most splendid in Greece. Vying for first place, the renowned shipwreck at the eponymous beach adds drama to the ubiquitous white sand, white cliffs and turquoise green water. Come early in the morning, or drop anchor the previous evening, so you can enjoy your first dive before the rest of the world arrives.

The National Marine Park: reserved for sea turtles in the Ionian.

The sea and coast around Zakynthos were picked for Greece’s first marine park. This is where the rare caretta caretta sea turtles lay their eggs. In spring these endangered creatures set off for Zante from the Libyan Sea and the southern Adriatic, not because they like the swim but because nature tells them to lay their eggs in the sands of Gerakas, Dafni, Kalamaki, Marathonisi and, especially, Sakania, east of Laganas, as they always have. If you’re lucky enough to witness this spectacle, please don’t disturb. To enjoy everything Zakynthos has to offer, book your flight with XcelTrip.

St Dionysios

One of the orthodox pilgrimage sites in the Ionian, St Dionysios draws crowds of believers throughout the year as it houses the relics of the saint of the same name (also the island’s patron saint). The impressive church was built in 1926, with a three-aisled basilica and inner arch. The catastrophic earthquake of 1953 left it virtually undamaged.

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Staying at Jenny Hotel in Zakynthos, you’ll be by the sea, just steps from National Marine Park of Zakynthos and a 4-minute drive from Agios Sostis Beach. This hotel is 1.4 mi (2.2 km) from Laganas Beach and 2.3 mi (3.7 km) from Kalamaki Beach. Book trips to Zakynthos Island for flights and check into hotels using XcelTrip today and get a refund of up to 50% on all your orders!



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