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Travelling internationally is perhaps the one of the most exciting prospects one can have. Travelling internationally is certainly not a cheap affair. From hotel bookings, to travelling around the country, exchange rates grate our every transaction, piling up fees and racking up our credit card bills.

Acting as a breather for the tourists around the world, is the entry of cryptocurrency into the travel industry. The global, open nature of cryptocurrency allows travellers to make secure international transfers without the involvement of banks and exorbitant rates to use your cards internationally.

For all those travel enthusiasts planning their next international trip, here are a few benefits of travelling with cryptocurrency:

       ·       Converting your currency to the local currencies of the area can be a tremendous hassle for travellers and especially for new travellers. Converting currencies involves the loss of money for transaction fees. With crypto, this can be avoided as the exchange medium is accepted internationally by merchants and traders. It further eliminates the need for carrying around multiple currencies.

       ·       It can be quite expensive to withdraw cash and make payments in new countries. A fee is charged for every transaction you make. So, in addition to your personal expenses, Transaction fees also rack up. The global nature of cryptocurrencies acts as a ready remedy for this problem.

       ·       Another benefit of using this exchange medium, is the fact that it can be accessed anywhere with the help of an internet connection. If you’re stuck without an ATM, crypto is your go to.

       ·       Cryptocurrency prevents identity theft and is fraud proof, making all your transactions fool proof.

       ·       Cryptocurrency ensures instant settlement. With and internet connection, you can instantly become your own bank and make your payments. This prevents any delays that are seen with banks while transferring funds internationally.

So, next time you travel, consider travelling with cryptocurrency.

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Happy travels!


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