The Netherlands-based Public Health Blockchain Consortium will monitor the movement of healthy individuals to help them avoid potentially life-threatening diseases.

Xcelpay|3 min read|Mar 23, 2020

The Netherlands-based Public Health Blockchain Consortium (PHBC) has announced the release of a blockchain-based system designed to track the movement of individuals not infected with high-risk viruses. The impetus behind the development is to help healthy people avoid potentially life-threatening diseases.

On March 19, the PHBC announced the release detailing that the blockchain-based platform will monitor systematic, continual and anonymous verification of communities and workplaces, which are not afflicted by dangerous viruses, including the Coronavirus.

The PHBC further explained the system’s operation: “The blockchain stores a workplace’s or community’s protection certificate from security organizations or government bodies to assure that all persons who enter a safe zone are continuously monitored,”. If a person previously visited an infected area, they are required to stay in a quarantine zone, wherein communities can provide isolated places of residence to incoming visitors.

The coronavirus outbreak has pushed blockchain companies to more actively develop health-focused applications and systems.

China-based tech startup Hyperchain announced the launch of its blockchain-based platform to fight against the coronavirus epidemic. The platform will focus on medical supply donations, ensuring that the donation process is immutable, traceable and reliable.

Tech firm ConsenSys will spin off its health division, which will explore blockchain application to the health industry.


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