The Basel Committee has proposed regulating crypto assets based on their risks to banks.

XcelTrip|2 min read|Jun 15, 2021

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is the primary global standard setter for the prudential regulation of banks. Its 45 members comprise central banks and bank supervisors from 28 jurisdictions. The committee’s secretariat is located at the BIS in Basel, Switzerland.

The committee’s “proposals differentiate between crypto assets based on the market, liquidity, credit and operational risks they present for banks,” the BIS described, elaborating:

The proposals split crypto assets into two broad groups: those eligible for treatment under the existing Basel Framework with some modifications; and others, such as bitcoin, are subject to a new conservative prudential treatment.

The first group includes “certain tokenized traditional assets and stablecoins,” the BIS clarified, adding that crypto assets in the second group “pose additional and higher risks.”

Submissions on the proposals must be made by Sept. 10. However, the BIS stated that due to the rapidly evolving and complex nature of this asset class, more than one consultation is likely needed. The BIS further noted that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are not within the scope of the consultation.

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