Slovenia is home of the first crypto-friendly malls.

Xcelpay|4 min read|Dec 13, 2019

Slovenia is a country in Central Europe with a population of about 2 million people and a strong, developed economy. This is the richest Slavic nation, judging by the GDP per capita.

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As a member of the eurozone, Slovenia uses the euro. The economy is mainly based on services and the quality of life there is rated 14th in the world.

The largest international exchange Bitstamp was founded in Slovenia in 2011. Slovenia has a large hydroelectric power station, and NiceHash, a well-known cloud mining service, runs from there. As in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania, the Slovenian government very much welcomes cryptocurrency.

Crypto-friendly malls

Located in the center of the country’s capital, Ljubljana, the BTC City shopping mall of the same name will be transformed into a completely Bitcoin-friendly environment where every store and enterprise will accept cryptocurrencies and operate using blockchain technology. The 1,558,398-square-foot complex, which was built in 1954 as a repository and logistics center, became a commercial shopping area by the mid-1990s.

Today, it is completely transforming itself as the largest shopping center in the country, with more than 500 stores, as well as several tourist enterprises, including a luxury hotel and casino, a multiplex cinema, a water park and an office park Crystal Palace — the house for the tallest building in Slovenia.

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Kerar recently visited the center, where he was offered a cup of coffee bought by Secretary of State Tadei Slapnik using cryptocurrencies. Representatives of BTC City published a statement on the visit of the Prime Minister, which was partially read;

The BTC company, which owns and operates BTC City, wants to see the center become the first of its kind in the world, where visitors and consumers of business partners interact in an ecosystem that supports cryptocurrency. The company seeks to integrate all modern technologies into space using cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as introducing artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and machine learning.

Attractions include the largest mining installation.

Fintech startup Eligma has created a unique cryptocurrency transaction system for BTC City called Elipay. The system should be tested by mid-June, but most retailers already use cryptocurrency trading systems. In addition to shops and restaurants that accept cryptocurrency, the entire complex will have one-way crypto ATMs, as well as the brain center of the blockchain, as well as what the complex executives call the world’s largest cryptocurrency installation in Slovenia.

As a kind of statement, the BTC Company made this statement regarding the main objectives of the city of BTC;

“The development of BTC City in the city of bitcoins is an important step towards implementing an open-minded BTC strategy that provides its customers and business partners the freedom and choice regarding their purchases using new payment methods.”

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