Samsung is working to create an "artificial man".

Xcelpay|3 min read|Jan 28, 2020

Samsung will develop artificial intelligence for the benefit of people.

Samsung joined the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of People and Society (PAI), which was created in 2016 for the joint work of public, scientific and IT organizations in the development of artificial intelligence technologies.

Samsung continues to develop its program of products and services for a convenient “networked lifestyle” (Connected living). The company is opening new centers of artificial intelligence, working on the creation of new technologies, and now has joined the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of People and Society, a platform for discussions, research and the creation of best practices in the field of AI technologies.

PAI was established in 2016 and is an industry technology consortium that conducts research, development and promotes artificial intelligence technologies in society. Currently, the organization includes more than 70 partners, among which the largest world companies and human rights groups specializing in AI.

According to the press service of Samsung, the company joins the PAI to contribute to the determination of the vectors of development of the industry along with other members of the community. An IT company specializing in the fields of computer vision and basic algorithms for AI platforms will be able to increase research efficiency and accelerate the introduction of new technologies.

Representatives of the manufacturer will enter the working group on the interaction of people with artificial intelligence and will study the possible ways of human communication with intelligent systems. In addition, the company plans to participate in research on other topics, including security, transparency and the impact of AI on social and economic processes.

Samsung has published a series of images hinting at the release of a new product. It will be called Neon and should be associated with artificial intelligence technologies.

The company promised to tell all the details about the project at CES 2020. And now it continues to warm up interest in the device in the social networks dedicated to it. One post, for example, states that Neon is an artificial person.

But this supposedly will have nothing to do with the voice assistant.

“Neon is not about Bixby,” the company says in its Twitter account. In another tweet, she vaguely hints: “Neon = artificial human.”

Reportedly, Samsung’s STAR Labs internal lab is working on Neon. The media suggest that the artificial intelligence in the product will control a virtual person with emotions.

Samsung is also integrating ZKP technology into its Nexledger blockchain platform, which will help increase its privacy.

Samsung announced new tools for developing decentralized applications on the blockchain at a conference on October 31. The company began to develop various services that are aimed at solving the most complex problems in various industries, including finance, real estate and medicine.

For example, the IT division of the international technology giant Samsung SDS has set about implementing a medical claims processing system that they plan to transfer to blockchain technology.

Recall, Samsung will release a new smartphone with support for cryptocurrencies.

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