Ronaldo will have its own cryptocurrency. Juventus tokenizes players.

Xcelpay|3 min read|Apr 10, 2020

Italian football club in partnership with blockchain startup Solare will release a digital collection of cards. They will be compatible with the Fantasy app, which hosts virtual tournaments with digital money rewards.

Juventus Football Team will introduce digital collectible cards that will be sold through the Solare blockchain platform. Fans will be able to collect and trade tokens for relevant club players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, reports the Cointelegraph.

Cards will be compatible with the Fantasy application for trading in the secondary market and participating in virtual tournaments with prizes in various cryptocurrencies. Solare said some rare tokens were sold for more than $ 2,000.

“We see the agreement with Juventus as a key step in bringing clubs from all over the world and distributing blockchain games to football fans,” said Solare CEO Nicolas Giulia.

In December, Juventus announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency JUV. For this, the Italian team entered into a partnership with startup Socios. The token is sold in the application of the blockchain project, its cost is fixed at about $ 2.2. With the help of altcoin, fans can participate in the club and receive a reward for this.

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