Online Softwares that Accept Bitcoin

XcelPay|2 min read|Jun 20, 2019

Software businesses have been accepting cryptocurrencies over the last couple of years due to their substantial online presence. Download the XcelPay app to make sure that your payments to the below list of software companies that accept bitcoin and are enjoying the new payment system, to make sure that your imbursements are safe:

 Online Softwares that Accept Bitcoin


Gyazo allows you to directly take a screenshot and upload the image to the web. You can effortlessly share the images on Twitter, your blog, Tumblr, etc.


The House of Nakamoto

The House of Nakamoto is a one of a kind exclusive technology business that lets customers to create their own secure Bitcoin wallet and transfer Bitcoin to it. With The House of Nakamoto’s Starter-Kit you have all the essential components and commands for users to get going, and in addition to Starter-Kit, they also provide gift cards and safeties or the acquisition of bitcoins from their ATM.


Mediabistro Inc

Leading Internet media company, Mediabistro Inc, offers facilities for traditional media, social media, and creative professionals, as well as services for 3D printing and mobile app businesses.


MindMeister Mind

MindMeister Mind allows for the creation, distribution, and alliance of mind maps with online mind mapping software. It also offers apps for iOS and Android.


Download the XcelPay app to make sure that your transactions to the above software companies that accept bitcoin payments.

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