More Than $11.4 Billion are held by 6 Corporate Giants.

XcelTrip|1 min read|May 6, 2021

The six firms are MicroStrategy, Tesla, Ruffer, Galaxy Digital, StoneRidge, and Square holding 91,579 BTC, 43,200 BTC, 27,000 BTC, 16,402BTC, 10,889 BTC, and 8,027 BTC, respectively. Microstrategy sets the ball rolling.

Leading American business intelligence firm MicroStrategy has been setting a precedent in Bitcoin institutional investment as it recently scooped up an additional 205 BTC for $10 million.

BlockData has acknowledged that six corporate giants have taken the Bitcoin holding culture a notch higher as they have BTC worth more than $11.4 billion in their custody. The blockchain insights provider explained:

“These 6 companies alone hold over $11.4 billion in Bitcoin. The Digital Asset Custody space is booming.”

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